YouTubers, YouTube Is Removing Videos Without Reviewing.

Thank you to Elven Wisdom and Love for taking the time to inform and educate. This blog contains all you need to know about Youtube’s so-called ‘community guidelines’.

In a nutshell – dare to challenge the W.H.O, Government Tyrants, BioPharma, Political Crime Families, MSM and their corrupt controllers regarding CON_VID SCAMdemic, etc. and you are censored and banned.

We know – we were de-platformed TWICE by Facebook and almost lost our Youtube channel. We were ‘punished’ by the removal of thousands of subscribers and the deletion of several videos. Keep the faith. LOVE WINS!

#IncreaseThePeace #SelfSovereignty #LoveWINS

High Elven wisdom and Love

I am very sorry my fellow Lightworkers, spiritualists, and healers, but YouTube is removing videos before they review them. Even with the best intentions to bring light to the world or peace, your video on politics, COVID-19 science, or worldly issues can be removed if any YouTuber user flags your video and reports you unfairly, either because of their misunderstanding or an agenda that is about protesting against you.

I am not blaming YouTube, but I am voicing an apparent truth that needs to be spoken about. I understand the need to remove dangerous content, however my recent video review and discussion on Nova’s 2019 Documentary called “Human Nature” was removed and I was given a community violation strike for “misleading medical information”. This is simply not true. I worked hard in an almost 2 hour video to teach fully the science of DNA, RNA and show the CRISPR CAS9…

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