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If you don’t know your ‘Cherub_anooski’ from baby angels, why Venus rocked up in a seashell or ever wondered why history and science make no sense then you’re in the right place. Norma and Norman Normals may believe the flat earth theory and all it entails has been debunked or simply faded away as a fad but they’re in for a rude awakening if Welsh diamond Martin Liedtke has anything to say about it.

Having been off-grid (and not in a good way) for a few years I’d never heard of Flat Earth British or realised the Great Awakening would be such a rip-roaring tornado of full disclosure. I honestly thought that finally, we were all out of conspiracy theories when someone in the Q (spiritual) and QFS (quantum financial system) communities mentioned “There’s a guy called Jon Levi doing some great work. Look into mud floods and antiquitech.”

So there I was, recovering from a long hospital stay by binge-watching fascinating videos and listening to a soothing voice of reason (Jon Levi) when boom! He mentioned ‘Flat Earth British’ and I accidentally (on purpose) went off-piste and landed on a double torus with angelic magnets in four corners. What the ____?

A truckload of pennies dropped when I realised someone could properly explain the ‘squashed doughnut.’ My closest ‘describing words’ for what I saw (witnessed, experienced, perceived, whatever) when I was in a coma in 2019. I didn’t know I was in one at the time but I was floating about in gloopy watery_ness and viewed our plan_et from above.

My own current perspective is, it’s not a globe, sphere or ‘deformed pear’ (Neil deGrasse Tyson is having a laugh) but it’s not a completely flat disc board game either. Like I said, sort of like a squashed doughnut (magnet) with a dome-like membrane. I drew it (badly) in case I forgot as soon as I could hold a pencil. I’m no scientist or genius (that’s obvious) but I am a (un)retired Kinesiologist who knows stuff about energy and magnets as I used these and many other techniques in practice with clients and for myself. I began my own quest for truth and the nature of reality in the 80s. Even without the internet, it was easy to suss NASA (the deceiver) is bogus.

Thanks to the extraordinary effort, relentless persistence and enthusiasm, Martin Liedtke along with his channels and community have produced an extensive ‘online library’ of information and re-discoveries. It’s an amazing body of work. His first book ‘The Holy Grail of our Flat Earth’ is easy to read and hard to put down. My copy is full of notes, highlights and turned down corners as befits all great books that become keepers. The ones you always go back to and never lend out, knowing you’ll never get it back. The second book ‘The Holy Grail of The Great Reset’ is out now on kindle, releasing as paperback in June.

The Holy Grail of Flat Earth by Martin Liedtke – click here to score your copy

The civilisation before us was wiped out by a major cataclysm as little as 200 years ago. We are the inheritors of this great, advanced civilisation who left their buildings, technologies, arts, and infrastructure behind. The only problem is that history left this great civilisation out of the history books. Instead, we were taught lies that have finally run their course. The Holy Grail Of Our Flat Earth exposes these lies and reveals to you the truth.

photo credit: Truth Frequency Radio Show ‘Making Minds Muddy With Martin Liedtke’

I’ve easily watched over sixty hours of videos presented by Martin across his four channels since December 2020 and I’ve learned something new or found a missing puzzle piece in every vlog. His life experience as a stone mason’s assistant and time in the Navy sailing across and around our physical plane has gifted him with direct experience of many of the topics he researches. Down to Earth, no fancy airs and graces belies his extensive knowledge. An intuitive detective and expert decoder of both the physical and esoteric nature of reality, he also swears, cusses and takes the piss when blatant lies and injustice are apparent. To choose only three links to add in this blog was a nightmare. I lost three hours at lunchtime by watching one I hadn’t seen from a few years ago and forgot I was supposed to be rendering movies for this series and being efficient. Ergo the suggestions below are purely random. My advice is to just dive in, scroll around (there’s hundreds, literally) and start with a subject that you’re interested in. You won’t be disappointed.

Streamed live on May 11, 2021
Streamed live on May 4, 2021
Premiered Aug 7, 2020

Normally when you read a book, you fall into another realm and escape from reality. In Martin Liedtke’s book, however, you may begin to identify the illusionary world which readers seek to escape.

Martin’s intuitive work exposes the establishments world history which forms a fictitious reality. Thankfully, Martin shows present-day visual reality and then back-engineers it to show our true history.

The Holy Grail Of Our Flat Earth will present you with a choice; self wonderment or self-denial. You will find that there are three sides to a coin, contrary to establishment education.


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  1. nice new website, it runs super smooooth! thanks to the kinds persons who took the generous time n effort to put this together.and very nice to see mr. levi suportive here too. i think you guys are fantastic content producers!


    1. Keep on martin. If anyone gets to bottom of things it will be the awareness of people such as you and John levi, praveen mohan and others who are truth warriors..thanks.


  2. So much to digest. Always wanted to hang out with Leonardo DaVinci, as I do with my Native Elders in Spirit. I was gifted with a carved tool, having the eye of Horus embedded into stone, by technology, not painted on. I can no longer allow the Spirit of my people, the Sowams, and Pocasset, to place such things before me, things I would never sell, because others steal and profit. Thank you for including the thirsty. As soon as I find a rental, will be living and breathing all here! 👣🐾


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