Knights Of The Truth_Tribe: Sublime Slavic Mud_flooder and mixed media artist > LORRA and The Starseed Journal Channels. Championing truth on YouTube

The second ‘Knight’ in our series is sensitive, fierce, an impressive creative critical thinker and beautiful soul. Sharing her thoughts and discoveries, Lorra takes us on a journey through her eyes into past and future probabilities

LORRA on YouTube – Explore all her videos here

The systematic destruction of the keepers of wisdom has been a constant throughout this realm, beginning, one would assume, since the so-called ‘short season’ of Lucifer. Also known as the reign of the prince of darkness – The programmed his_tory of (false) time would have us believe this to be c. 1000 years ago which fits in with the current ‘end of days’ theme and projected thought form. In reality (whatever that is) the last reset (new age of devo_lution) appears to be c. 200 years ago.

It has happened and continues to this day, where we see the persecution, horrific abuse and even genocide of indigenous people, their cultures and bloodlines. Apart from ‘control absolute’ could it be the fascists need to delete their knowledge, ways of life and very existence so we accept the false history narrative to ensure compliance and conformity?

Further enslavement and enforced assimilation is happening again right now with the long predicted and expected so-called pan_demic, vaccine passports, fear mongering, lock downs and masks. Anyone who still doesn’t see what this agenda is all about might want to re-watch 1984 or indeed any number of predictive programming ‘movies’ such as Contagion, I Am Legend, Escape from New York, Metropolis, Inception, Vanilla Sky etc. And of course all Armageddon scripts and the horror genre aimed at terrifying whilst simultaneously de-sensitising the audience to depravity, deviancy and extreme violence.

They’ve got away with it so easily in the past that their arrogance knows no bounds. Why wouldn’t they continue unless ‘we the people’ wake up, stand up and stop them. Remembering, researching and persistence in communicating with others is key to reclaiming our true history and origins, free from the lies of tyrants and controllers.

Lorra is passionate about the extermination of our nomadic indigenous tribes and all forms of fake narratives and false history. Her cover art on her main youtube channel is poignant and sums up beautifully the important message and reminder that “We are Awake. We are Aware. And We Remember.”

This message is perfectly illustrated in one of my personal favourites from this channel ‘The Sámi – Those Who Remember.’ Lest we forget, indigenous people were displayed by the colonisers in human zoos and gawped at by other human beings . We should ask ourselves who is backward, primitive and in need of ‘civil_ising?’ Nomadic people or us? Surely, it’s ‘the controllers’ and those who conform and tolerate these crimes against humanity and assume no personal responsibility who are backward, ignorant by choice or simply influenced by evil intent.

Lorra Presents >The Sámi – Those Who Remember

In the early 1900s, the Norwegian government started an active effort to wipe out the Sami people and culture.

The StarSeed Journal

On her second channel, launched in January this year, Lorra shares her journey as a self taught artist and the influence that spirituality has in her work and life. Just like the artist herself, her channels are refreshing, educational, inspiring and beautiful.

Uploaded on Apr 2, 2021
Uploaded on May 9, 2021
Uploaded on Feb 4, 2021

“I saw you on Autodidactic. You have a beautiful soul. I’m subscribed! Thank you for sharing your personal thoughts and feelings. What you are saying makes so much sense. Blessings, love and peace!”

The StarSeed Journal subscriber comment

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