Knights Of The Truth_Tribe: A soothing voice of reason fathoming seas of lies. The one and only JON LEVI completes our first WHOLE_istic trinity of free thinking warriors for free_dome

This ongoing series is intended to be a hitchhikers guide to the galaxy of hidden stars of history, sci(op)ence and pretty much everything that governs and seeks to hijack this and other consensus realities. Problem. Reaction. Solution. We’ve fallen for it every time. But maybe not ‘this time.’ Open your mind, ditch the safety net and make a quantum leap into another beautiful mind.

JON LEVI on YouTube – Explore his main channel videos here

While some of us fought the good fight and went down in a blaze of de_platformity and censorship, other, wiser souls, thankfully not only survived but thrived. Now this blogger has come up for cleaner air and got her own ducks back in a non-linear row it’s not only been a pleasure but a duty to crank up the_Blog with this new series and headline with the one and only Jon Levi.

Thanks to the true ‘Knights Of The Truther Round Tables,’ I’ve used this episode of ‘West World meets Contagion’ (lockdown simulation) so far, to retreat, reflect, revisit topics, study, listen and learn from the extraordinary hearts and minds of some of the best content creators of our most recent confused and troubled days. We kicked off with the Welsh Master Of The Universe, Martin Liedtke & Flat Earth British, then levitated to Moldova to pay homage to everyone’s favourite Slavic mudflooder, Lorra. This time we’re off to the USA for a brain massage with Jon Levi the laid back legend.

It’s true that his_story repeats itself. When the controllers have been so successful since the alleged ‘dawn of time,’ why would they change tactics or meddle with the modus operandi? “If it ain’t broke why fix it” is an attitude they will hopefully live (and die) to regret. Thanks to community channels in the re-sets and stolen history sector, fellow humans are waking up in droves Earth_Worldwide. Trolls, along with most other trivia are largely ignored by Jon as irrelevant as he goes about the business of unraveling the conundrums and curve balls of the official historic narrative. You know you’re making a big impact when lesser mortals take the time to parody your work with copy cat videos ‘all in good fun’ from fans. So, for any Jon Levi troll_ers out there – a challenge. ‘En garde!’ Eat my chain mail shorts, submit to a greater Knight … and spin on this six minute marvel:

JON LEVI on YouTube – Explore his main channel videos here

JON LEVI Channels + Community Snapshot >

  • JON LEVI (main channel) Despite hostile algorithms and nonsensical Youtube ‘community guidelines’ with their ever-changing goalposts, Jon Levi’s main channel currently shows he has c. 108K subscribers. Stats: Joined Apr 28, 2013 with 11,044,843 views.
  • Description: A channel dedicated to exploring the forgotten history of humanity and other mysteries. Truth requires leaving the comfort of belief behind. All material is intended for entertainment purposes only. Content may expand your mind and liberate your soul. Please consult a mainstream expert before consuming any of this material. Side effects may include seeing life as it really is, questioning everything, and a sense of wonderment (as you see the world with new eyes).
  • JON LEVI OFF TOPIC: Bonus material, behind the scenes and more, public stats as of today are 26.8K subscribers. Joined Aug 8, 2015 607,206 views.

“If Jon Levi was a radio show it’s frequency may well heal the world. Listening to his hypnotic voice, information, observations, wonderment and ideas is a mindfulness practice all of its own.”

WHOLE_istic Media

Tripping Down Memory Lane

While looking through old photos from the 70s in the above VLOG, Jon shares memories from his own childhood experiences and perspective.

“I was born in New Jersey on the bay and this scene reminds me of my youth. When I was five my parents moved us to Arizona, quite a different setting, but my whole life I’d be haunted by these memories. Even at a young age without any understanding of history I was bewildered by everything I saw.

My mother told me recently that I was a strange child, she once took me on a roller coaster and rather than enjoy the experience or the ride I was more interested in the workings of the roller coaster. Looking all around, under and above in no way transfixed by the illusion but rather the actual workings of this space in which I found myself and it was the same thing with my surroundings in New Jersey – everything a mess.

What initially appeared to be construction everywhere but now I realise was cleaning of past destruction … demolishing half standing buildings and I’ve made videos on the Bronx … we see the exact same thing there. Again, looking like the ruins of the Civil War Hiroshima or Nagasaki and San Francisco just to name a few.”

Uploaded on Apr 11, 2021
Uploaded on May 23, 2021
JON LEVI OFF TOPIC Uploaded on May 25, 2021

“I don’t think these people who direct our story anticipated having someone like Jon Levi question their photos and like a seasoned detective, he’s dissected these fake photos to reveal the truth to his followers. Jon, you have been a huge part of my awakening and tied together many loose ends…”

JON LEVI subscriber comment

COMING SOON: What the Flock TV (formerly The Black Sheep Researcher channel)

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Thanks for joining us, we’ll sign off with our second video for this series featuring Emerson, Lake & Palmer ‘Fanfare For The Common man’ + The Knights of next month THE BLACK SHEEP RESEARCHER | FUTURE OF THE PAST | GODGEVLAMSTE. Until next time, keep your vibration high for the good of all and know #loveWINS

Music ‘Fanfare for the Common Man’ and+ Pink Floyd sampler for next Knights up on the_BLOG

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