Ongoing Worldwide Protests For Freedom

Excellent summarisation of this weekend’s Worldwide demos. Thanks and gratitude to all content creators, digital Warriors and those who believe in Freedom.

The Fascist New World Order

This is from Kassel, Germany.

I was at the latest protest in my city, Hobart, there were a couple of hundred people there on March 20th, and we walked through the city holding banners.

Wasn’t any drama or any arrests, I saw similar protests happening all around the world in almost every city, or I heard that it was fairly large, around the world, but I didn’t actually see it much for some reason.

It’s hard to find out exactly how large it was, because when I go to search for the latest news about it, I get things like this Newsweek article that said that it was Qanon nutters who said that they believed the vaccine would turn you gay.

Here’s another one from Seven News Australia, they disrupted a game…

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Should People Be Protesting In The Streets?

The Fascist New World Order

I’ve ran into a few people in the freedom movement who have been saying that it’s practically pointless to protest the harsh restrictions due to covid or that you might need to think of other ways to outsmart these people. I don’t necessarily agree.

Where I am in Australia, there are almost no covid restrictions, or if there are, most people don’t even think about it unless they have to, because it’s been almost a full year since there was a single case in my state, Tasmania.

300 days without any of this new “virus” if there ever was any here in the first place, which might have simply been the result of false positives from faulty PCR tests.

It’s like that in most cities in the world, for example China just says it’s disappeared, for the most part, but they still want everyone to take…

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Europe Kicks off: Peace rallies today FRANCE | RUSSIA | GERMANY | Vive la revolution for ARMS of LOVE around the WORLD against illegal LOCKDOWNS + Alexsei Navalny supporters out in force to say NO to Government corruption, murder and tyranny

WHOLE_istic Media supports all PEACE_FUL protests in the name of TRUTH and LIBERTY. FREEdom is a RIGHT not a privilege for an elite mob of gangsters of devolution. We do not condone violence in any form. #IncreaseThePeace CARPE DIEM Photo credit © Alexei Navalny Alexei Anatolievich Navalny is a Russian opposition leader, politician, lawyer …

The Space Elf Soul Type

Captivated by this Space Elf Soul Type image found on a google search I followed the link. Happy I did. Great blog, makes mine seem ‘messy’. Thank you High Elven Wisdom and Love, we look forward to learning.

High Elven wisdom and Love

Space Elves 

Many of you may also resonate with being a Starseed and Elf, there are many combinations and the older your soul is, the more types you may resonate with.

Starseed Elves are very much like Earth elves, but they live on other planets in other star systems.

Some of them are assisting humanity in helping them with keeping the earth from being destroyed by other beings that don’t care about nature and do not see the Divine connection within it.

If you are a Starseed Elf, it means before earth you came from another planetary system, in your last life, taking an oath with you that you would help out Earth and other newly developing civilizations.

You may be a Starseed Elf if you:

*Have a definite knowing of a better possible future for humanity
*Feel “alien” or isolated on earth till you meet another who SEES…

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Singing can have some of the same effects as exercise, like the release of endorphins, which give the singer an overall "lifted" feeling and are associated with stress reduction. It's also an aerobic activity, meaning it gets more oxygen into the blood for better circulation, which tends to promote a good mood. Source: Physical Effects …

John F Kennedy PEACE is POSSIBLE and other ‘interesting’ ideas: Has our Globalalist attitudes, endless cover-ups, corrupt governments and MegaCorp. Inc’s stranglehold and censorship changed our societies to beyond the point of no return or can we regain our humanity? Whether common sense and decency prevails is anyone’s guess in 2020 / 2021

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