Word on the avenues of ascension is that 2.7 billion people decided to serve others and we’re in transition to right brain shift. That’s a tsunami of compassion for our fellow man and here’s one who could use some

Despite the despicable unfairness and utter madness going on in the world right now, I have faith in good people and their enduring humanity. Money, a good lawyer and hidden hand connections would immediately fix Guy’s dire straits and make all his problems disappear. As it would for millions of others who have lost family, friends, livelihoods and homes because they will not conform and submit to tyranny. I don’t have the cash or connections but I can create content to support others who stand in their truth.

An old photo of Guy when his daughter was young

I didn’t know Guy Hankins or his cat Evie, but he joined the chat on a youtube live stream where I am a moderator and this was one of his messages.

“I started a campaign on gogetfunding ‘Guy and Evie’s Life Crisis’ … They won’t get traction because I’m not on social media.”

Guy Hankins

THIS IS HIS STORY > Guy and Evie’s Life Emergency

Hello everyone. I am launching this campaign on February 9th 2022. My name is Guy, and I’m a fifty-nine-year-old Englishman living in Cyprus. I live alone with my cat, Evie. The photo is of myself with my daughter back in 2008. She is all grown up now and lives with her mum in the U.K.

I admit I have left it a little too late to ask for help, but I wasn’t sure what to do. I don’t have friends to ask. This is so difficult because I have always worked hard in the past and never asked for this kind of help before. I’m not on any social media, so I don’t know who will get to read this. This is not a scam; this genuinely is my state of affairs.

I find myself in an impossible situation at the moment, here in Cyprus. It’s very difficult to find a job without having a vaccine or having a rapid test every 48 hours, and I don’t wish to take part in the experiment. Jobs are scarce anyway, especially for someone of my age. I have had to compromise a few times on the test because I’m not allowed into the bank without a negative test. I’m not allowed in the supermarkets without a negative test either; I can only buy food at one small grocery store.

Over the past year, I have sold everything I owned to survive: my car, watch, vinyl record collection, CD collection, TV, microwave, music system and much more. I recently sold the gold ring that my parents gave me for my 21st birthday to pay my electricity bill. A couple of odds and ends are still advertised, but they’re worth very little.

I have about twenty days’ worth of food left for Evie and no money to buy food for myself.

I’ve worked out that if I can raise about 6000 euros in total, I can survive for about six months. I have to pay my landlady 1450 euros on March 1st because she reduced my rent from 400 to 50 euros for three months on the condition that I caught up and got back to the regular 400 a month payment from April. That isn’t going to happen unless I get some help. I posted a figure of 6000 euros but I would be eternally grateful if anyone can help in any way at all. If things here in Cyprus are still as bad in about four months, I would use some of the money to get myself and Evie back to the U.K. I would be able to stay there with my mother for a while.

I’ll finish with a few words about Evie. When I brought her home from a cat sanctuary five years ago she was completely broken. She had been turned out onto the streets to fend for herself. She was taken into the sanctuary with kittens but she wasn’t strong enough to feed them, so they didn’t live very long. At home, after some good food and care, she turned into the most beautiful, loving creature you could possibly imagine. She follows me everywhere. Without Evie, I probably wouldn’t have made it this far. With a little help, I think we’ll both be alright.

I don’t know how this works, but if anyone does donate, I would like to be able to at least thank them and endeavour to pay the money back when I get on my feet. Please leave details if that is possible.

Thank you. Take care and God bless

With love from Guy and Evie the cat.

PAPHOS, CYPRUS Photo by Erik Karits on

UPDATE 20th April > Guy and Evie’s Life Emergency

Thanks to the extraordinary support from complete strangers as of today Guy and Evie’s campaign is 60% there. Much like Guy, I have no audience with mainstream social media so if you happen upon this blog please share it if you can on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

“Thank you for the donation that you kindly made to my campaign. I have never experienced this sort of kindness in all of my fifty-nine years.

Hitting rock bottom has given me a whole new perspective. The love and kindness some people show towards their fellow humans, and animals, is incredible. I will be a better man once I get through this, I am sure. Evie is perfect already.”

Guy Hankins



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