One year ago, Liberty client Ed Bridges won the world’s first legal challenge to police use of facial recognition technology. Despite a judge ruling UK Govt carry on regardless > STOP THEM NOW

"The Court of Appeal said that South Wales Police’s use of the tech in public broke human rights, data protection and equality laws. It was unlawful. But now the Home Office is trying to roll it out. We can’t let this happen." Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results …


Word on the avenues of ascension is that 2.7 billion people decided to serve others and we're in transition to right brain shift. That's a tsunami of compassion for our fellow man and here's one who could use some ONE MAN'S STORY, FAMILIAR TO SO MANY IN CHALLENGING TIMES Despite the despicable unfairness and …

Time To Come Together and Talk > FREE Festival 19th September: MIND BODY SOUL CONNECTION DAY with LIVITY LIVING Life Natural

With their own herb and food forest farm on the banks of the Rio Jorox in Southern Spain in one of the worlds’ few biospheres, Ras and Heddi teach, learn, heal, work the land, meditate and much more. Now more than ever is time to come together and talk. Not in Spain? Join the free …

Symptoms of HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS > Seventeen signs you should Know from Spiritual Unite

When you are raising your vibration, you receive more direct and clear guidance from your higher self because it vibrates at a much higher rate. When you have this direct connection, it allows for the information to be received easily. "Raising your vibration can be very helpful; you can do this by doing specific energy …

Defining the undefinable: Immerse yourself in Twenty-Seven words that define CONSCIOUSNESS > Be an asset to the collective by adding your own unique perspective

In 2011 The Munro Institute asked twenty-seven people to use only one word to define consciousness. A decade on, we ask the same question. What will you say? If you would like to participate, please watch the six-minute video below with the 27 words chosen by participants of the past. Add your own conscious word …

LIVITY LIVING Life Natural > FOOD FOREST crops UPDATE: Veganic Organic and thriving

With its own herb and food forest farm on the banks of the Rio Jorox in Southern Spain in one of the worlds’ few biospheres, Health Seekers of all ages will be able to visit for a day or longer, to learn, heal, work the land, meditate and much more Photo by Tim Mossholder on …

YouTubers, YouTube Is Removing Videos Without Reviewing.

Thank you to Elven Wisdom and Love for taking the time to inform and educate. This blog contains all you need to know about Youtube’s so-called ‘community guidelines’.

In a nutshell – dare to challenge the W.H.O, Government Tyrants, BioPharma, Political Crime Families, MSM and their corrupt controllers regarding CON_VID SCAMdemic, etc. and you are censored and banned.

We know – we were de-platformed TWICE by Facebook and almost lost our Youtube channel. We were ‘punished’ by the removal of thousands of subscribers and the deletion of several videos. Keep the faith. LOVE WINS!

#IncreaseThePeace #SelfSovereignty #LoveWINS

High Elven wisdom and Love

I am very sorry my fellow Lightworkers, spiritualists, and healers, but YouTube is removing videos before they review them. Even with the best intentions to bring light to the world or peace, your video on politics, COVID-19 science, or worldly issues can be removed if any YouTuber user flags your video and reports you unfairly, either because of their misunderstanding or an agenda that is about protesting against you.

I am not blaming YouTube, but I am voicing an apparent truth that needs to be spoken about. I understand the need to remove dangerous content, however my recent video review and discussion on Nova’s 2019 Documentary called “Human Nature” was removed and I was given a community violation strike for “misleading medical information”. This is simply not true. I worked hard in an almost 2 hour video to teach fully the science of DNA, RNA and show the CRISPR CAS9…

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Ongoing Worldwide Protests For Freedom

Excellent summarisation of this weekend’s Worldwide demos. Thanks and gratitude to all content creators, digital Warriors and those who believe in Freedom.

The Fascist New World Order

This is from Kassel, Germany.

I was at the latest protest in my city, Hobart, there were a couple of hundred people there on March 20th, and we walked through the city holding banners.

Wasn’t any drama or any arrests, I saw similar protests happening all around the world in almost every city, or I heard that it was fairly large, around the world, but I didn’t actually see it much for some reason.

It’s hard to find out exactly how large it was, because when I go to search for the latest news about it, I get things like this Newsweek article that said that it was Qanon nutters who said that they believed the vaccine would turn you gay.

Here’s another one from Seven News Australia, they disrupted a game…

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Should People Be Protesting In The Streets?

The Fascist New World Order

I’ve ran into a few people in the freedom movement who have been saying that it’s practically pointless to protest the harsh restrictions due to covid or that you might need to think of other ways to outsmart these people. I don’t necessarily agree.

Where I am in Australia, there are almost no covid restrictions, or if there are, most people don’t even think about it unless they have to, because it’s been almost a full year since there was a single case in my state, Tasmania.

300 days without any of this new “virus” if there ever was any here in the first place, which might have simply been the result of false positives from faulty PCR tests.

It’s like that in most cities in the world, for example China just says it’s disappeared, for the most part, but they still want everyone to take…

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NEWS from the Bright + Beautiful side > VEGANIC ORGANIC retreat Crew SPAIN. Farm and Food Forest stirring. Ready, Re-set, Travel Light and GO!

Spring is in the air with a brave new field of gold. LIVITY LIVING will be rockin' the top of the crops in 2021/2022. Pack a bag, leave your worries far behind and plan for a jailbreak to the GOOD LIFE in Neuva Andalucia Ras Binghi Iword and Heddi Greenwood like most of us have …