Time To Come Together and Talk > FREE Festival 19th September: MIND BODY SOUL CONNECTION DAY with LIVITY LIVING Life Natural

With their own herb and food forest farm on the banks of the Rio Jorox in Southern Spain in one of the worlds’ few biospheres, Ras and Heddi teach, learn, heal, work the land, meditate and much more. Now more than ever is time to come together and talk.

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TIME TO COME TOGETHER AND TALK * FREE FESTIVAL * 19th September * Southern Spain

Join LIVITY LIVING for a series of local talks where like-minded souls can come together to discuss the way ahead for our next evolution, especially in regards to alternative therapies and ways of living. This free community event includes a light vegan buffet and music.

Ras Binghi Iword and Heddi Greenwood LIVITY LIVING Life Natural


  • Herbalism: Cannabis talk, Immune system, Natural herbal prevention
  • Ayurvedic and Yoga: Introduction
  • Vegan/Raw food/ alkaline
  • Massage types: Reflexology, Reiki
  • Aura Reading
  • Organic farming: How to, Why, top tips
  • Skills & Equipment share bank
  • Transportation bank
  • Tables and stalls with more info and produce
  • An opportunity for sharing knowledge and meeting new people
  • Pulling & working together
  • A vision of building our community that offers support in any area help is needed
  • Food growing where all foods and seed surplus is shared with the community

Video * LIVITY LIVING Life Natural * with Ras Binghi Iword BSc.

The above video has been age-restricted by youtube because it includes the medicinal use and growing of cannabis plants. Click the image above or this link to watch the video on youtube in a new window.

SPACES: Stalls to showcase your skills and/or products are available at 15 euros payable on the day payable to the venue. Please confirm if you need a stall for the day ASAP as only a limited number is available by emailing ras.iword@gmail.com. Let’s get busy supporting OUR community and strengthen and empower each other through these changing times.’LIVITY LIVING Life Natural’ are Ras Binghi Iword and Heddi Greenwood.


19th September at the Second Hand Furniture Emporium on the 1st Floor opposite La Trocha Petrol Garage. Stalls set up for the market from 10am going through till 3PM in the afternoon. Light Vegan buffet, refreshments and music.

LIVITY LIVING is approaching like-minded people who are local to Coin and hope it will grow into other areas and communities. Get in touch if you would like to be involved.

Join their free online community at https://livityliving.com

LIVING Food Forest : With its own herb and food forest farm on the banks of the Rio Jorox in Southern Spain in one of the worlds’ few biospheres, Ras and Heddi welcome Health Seekers of all ages, wanting to visit for a day or longer, to learn, heal, work the land, meditate and much more. The bigger picture is to create homesteads that can be passed on to families and small communities, having shown them the skills, to be self-sustainable whilst living an organic healthy life.

How to contact LIVITY LIVING Life Natural

WEBSITE: A mine of information, advice, and a brilliant blog. Sign up for their free newsletter to hear what’s happening, what’s growing, and what’s new. htpps://livityliving.com

PHONE + EMAIL: +34 699 15 14 05 ras.iword@livityliving.com

SOCIAL MEDIA: https://www.facebook.com/livityforlife

LIVITY LIVING on WHOLE_istic the_BLOG: https://www.facebook.com/livityforlife

WHOLE_istic Media the_Blog – Less artificial, more intelligent. A place where information, education and creative ideas flow with ease.

We were de-platformed by Facebook (twice) and currently stay off Mainstream Media except for youtube. We’re on thin ice with them and had thousands of subscribers removed and two videos deleted. Until after global reset please feel to contact us using the link on our website HERE and we’ll email you back so you can join in on our new Social Media pages and groups as we go online in the brave new world of freedom of speech and no censorship. In the meantime we are currently on:


MeWe – The Next Generation SocialNetwork


We will be fully uploaded with our alternative video channel including a return to all genres and topics on Bitchute, Brandnewtube and Odysee soon

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