Join MASS MEDITATIONS three times a week at 8.30pm > Healing Within Coach Michael Brooks

It’s never been a more important time to to raise the vibration for ourselves and collective consciousness.

On a long and challenging journey to find himself, Michael Brooks has explored many roads less traveled including working with a pygmy tribe in Africa and shamans of Peru. Having created a unique retreat in the mountains of Mijas, Southern Spain, Michael now helps others to bring themselves back into alignment and light.

Join Michael from wherever you are at 8.30pm GMT every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Michael Brooks | Healing Within Coach

“Meditation is being in tune with the inner universe.”


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We were de-platformed by Facebook (twice) and currently stay off Mainstream Media except for youtube. We’re on thin ice with them and had thousands of subscribers removed and videos deleted. Until after global reset please feel free to contact us using the link on our website HERE and we’ll email you back so you can join in on our new Social Media pages and groups as we go online in the brave new world of freedom of speech and no censorship. In the meantime we are currently on:


MeWe – The Next Generation SocialNetwork


We will be fully uploaded with our alternative video channel including a return to all genres and topics on Bitchute, Brandnewtube and Odysee soon.

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