Moving mountains > Taking MELTOLOGY into the mainstream with SPARTAN RED Eagle Eye Crew and THE TARTARIAN MELTDOWN

Meltology AKA Geology is rocking it in the truther communities. With a wealth of evidence on every continent it’s an ideal subject to wake up the masses

Enjoy twelve minutes of meltology to the soundtrack of The Doors ‘The End’

MOUNTAINS are melted RED BRICK buildings and cities …

To the uninitiated, that’s quite a statement and conversation starter but once people see it, they can’t ‘un-see’ and when they start looking – they’ll find melted buildings throughout the realm and in all four corners of the Earth.

What others refer to as mudflood, the meltologists of The Eagle Eye Crew consider to be brick ash from the literal melting of buildings under intense heat. My own perspective is, add water from the flood after a catastrophic X-Factor event and ‘brick ash’ could become liquid clay or in other words … mud. Either way researching evidence and finding clues is addictive, enlightening and rewarding.

Join the eagle eye crew most nights on Spartan Red


Meltology specialist channel Spartan Red live streams most nights at 10.30pm GMT. The regular members of the ‘The Eagle Eye Crew’ are host Derek ‘Spartan Red’, Dean ‘Fervant Heat’, and James ‘Meltdown’. Joachim ‘The Tartarian Meltdown‘ Mark ‘Our Melted Reality‘ and ‘Davros Neve‘ are also part of the team and have their own Youtube channels.

Self-described as “A pictorial examination of the melted topography of the flat earth plane,” Spartan Red’s streams contain adult content and kick off with memes of the day before getting down to the serious business of presenting hardcore evidence.

Spartan Red CHILLOUT ZONE most nights at 10.30pm GMT

“Watch red bricks do magic tricks.”

Spartan Red


Joachim’s ‘about’ section of his channel states: “The earth is like a circuit board. The buildings were the components. It all got short-circuited and fried, and now we live in the ruins and ashes of a past advanced civilization. WARNING! There’s a high chance that your perception of reality will change when you watch my content.”

Aware of the need for content suitable for newbies Joachim has created an excellent, easy to follow documentary ‘Meltology Explained.’ For family viewing ‘Calm Meltology’ is a great forty five minute video with no swearing. He’s thoughtful like that. Thanks to the eagle eye crew and their supporters we should see this area of real history and geology re-educating the mainstream soon.

Join The Eagle Eye Crew on Facebook

If you’re serious about Meltology or interested in learning more become part of the crew and join the red brick university at their private Facebook group MELTED RED BRICK UNIVERSITY – A vibrant and intelligent community of like-minded individuals committed to research and sharing information.

“History is a set of lies agreed upon.”

Napolean Bonaparte

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