Ongoing Worldwide Protests For Freedom

Excellent summarisation of this weekend’s Worldwide demos. Thanks and gratitude to all content creators, digital Warriors and those who believe in Freedom.

The Fascist New World Order

This is from Kassel, Germany.

I was at the latest protest in my city, Hobart, there were a couple of hundred people there on March 20th, and we walked through the city holding banners.

Wasn’t any drama or any arrests, I saw similar protests happening all around the world in almost every city, or I heard that it was fairly large, around the world, but I didn’t actually see it much for some reason.

It’s hard to find out exactly how large it was, because when I go to search for the latest news about it, I get things like this Newsweek article that said that it was Qanon nutters who said that they believed the vaccine would turn you gay.

Here’s another one from Seven News Australia, they disrupted a game…

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