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WHOLE_istic Media and its team of collaborators include individuals, solopreneurs, artists, authors, singers, musicians, life coaches, cleaners, therapists, small business and social media groups & pages from around the globe including > AUSTRALIA | CANADA | DUBAI | GERMANY | INDIA | IRELAND | PORTUGAL | SPAIN | UNITED KINGDOM | UNITED STATES | with more team members coming on board daily. This year long project features 24 animals.

Known as a human’s best friend in most parts of the world, it’s believed that dogs and humans evolved together and they were the first animal to be domesticated. In 1997 John Archer, of the University of Central Lancashire, carried out a study that indicated c. 40% of owners view their dog as a family member. (‘Why do people love their pets – Evolution and Human Behavior, 18, 237-259’) Maybe it’s the unconditional relationship and bond between humans and dogs that is so important and valuable to ‘dog people.’ Is it possible to find an equally consistently loyal and trusting companion? Many dog lovers all over the world may say they think not. Some will suggest if you read Dog backwards you might appreciate them even more.


Status: NOT EVALUATED | Image © National Geographic for more information go to A History of Dogs 101 on their website @ Nationalgeographic.com

It’s impossible to accurately say how many different breeds of dogs there are in the world at any one time or the total global population. As of 2018, the Federation Cyanoligique Internationale (FCI), recognised almost 340 breeds, The American Kennel club, 167 and The Kennel Club UK lists 213. Founded in 1873 the UK Kennel Club is the oldest recognised Kennel club in the world.


  • Dogs understand c. 250 words and are as clever as toddlers
  • They can can read your emotions using their sense of smell
  • A dog’s sense of smell is 1,000 to 10 million times stronger than humans
  • Their hearing is c. 4 times greater with a frequency range of 67 to 45,000 hertz
  • Dogs are related to wolves, foxes, and jackals
  • Although descended from wolves, they separated between 11 – 16,000 ago
  • Dogs (like humans) can be left or right ‘handed’ (right or left ‘pawed’)
  • Most dogs use around 19 different signals to tell us what they want
  • They feel loss, empathy, miss others and can read facial expressions


  • Police Dogs
  • Search and Rescue
  • Military Dogs
  • Guide (eye-seeing) Dogs
  • Security guards
  • Hearing Dogs
  • Medical alert Dogs and companions
  • Mental Health workers
  • Herders and farm hands
  • Mobility Dogs
Some dogs have military careers, are awarded medals and wear trend-setting goggles

Dogs as Power Animals and Totems

Throughout history and many cultures, Dogs are respected and often revered or worshipped. Common symbolic dog meanings and attributes include loyalty, unconditional love, service, protection, bravery, devotion, constancy and faithfulness. To the Greeks a three headed dog Cerberus is the guardian of the dead and Orion’s faithful dog is Sirius; Dogs were seen as leaders in Babylon and Assyria; To Egyptians the dog star predicted the flooding of the Nile; Celtic Gods and Goddesses are often illustrated with hounds. Their qualities and ‘animal medicine’ is used for meditation and healing equally by holistic therapies and shamans alike. Animals are a constant source of inspiration for artists >

Artist GAYVENDA KESSLER is a member of the Dr_Doolittle Collaboration team and her work includes many genres in vibrant, bold colours, where nature and animals are popular commissions and willing and beautiful subjects. For more information and more amazing art visit her Facebook page Gayvenda’s Gems and Hues.

“To prepare for an animal portrait, I like to meet the pet … study their personality and take in the decor and colors of their home. My animal portraits suddenly blossomed into a Facebook art website “Gayvenda’s Gems and Hues’… I try to capture their essence in their eyes.”

Gayvender Kessler

Another member of the Dr_Doolittle Campaign Collaboration Team is ILISA MILLERMOON. These paintings are from her Buddha and the divine series. “Buddha and the Divine Beagle” and “Buddha and the Divine German Shepherd.” For more information and more incredible art visit her website @ Ilisa Millermoon.com

“I have always been deeply connected with Gaia, her Divine Creatures and Buddha. I paint the Buddha and Divine Series in Adoration for the Divine in all Mother Earth’s Creatures. I embrace all forms of the Divine. There is so much to learn from many perspectives.”

Ilisa Millermoon

Dr_Doolittle Campaign > *A Collaboration project to gently send a message around the world* “For all species of animal, who unlike us, cannot speak for themselves.” Sent out with compassion and kindness in the hope that others may consider a different perspective on how we share this planet with other sentients and how we choose to treat them.

COMING SOON to the_BLOG > “Let’s talk about TIGER”

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