China Is Terraforming the Gobi Desert

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The Great Green Wall is the biggest tree planting project in human history by far and has already reversed the net growth of deserts in China. It seems to be a big success but it’sdifficult to be 100% certain as plenty of businesses and government agencies have strong incentives to tout its succeess while those scientists who fear the new forrests may deplete the groundwater are sidelined

From the top of a certain windblown hill in Duolun county, in China’s Inner Mongolia province, the view could be described as either profoundly inspiring or deeply strange. For miles around, the terrain is dun-coloured, dry, sandy desert stubbled with yellow grass. But the cluster of hillsides closest to the one I found myself standing on in the spring of 2016 were emblazoned with enormous, carefully configured swatches of green trees.

They were planted to form geometric shapes: a square, a hollow-centred…

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