WHOLE_istic Media Coach Bootcamp: Multi-Passionate Singer, Songwriter and Personal Coach KELLY EREZ

Following our recent ‘multi-passion’ themed blog the MB coach reports on our 1st bootcamp of 2019 with client Kelly Erez

Now when I say ‘our 1st Bootcamp of 2019’ what I really mean is my first one-to-one WHOLE_istic boot camp ever. I only imagineered the WHOLE_istic Media Coach into being about two months ago. Who knew I’d created something that would use synchronicity to snowball into an avalanche of action and creativity in such a short space of time.

I originally intended to only provide an online service unless clients wanted to come here. Not sure why it didn’t dawn on me that I could combine this new venture with what’s been keeping me afloat during a seven-year-long period of enforced retirement. Namely, renting my home for retreat type short breaks and workshops with accommodation. While working with Kelly who wanted an opportunity to work one-to-one in a peaceful environment with a two night stay our WHOLE_istic Media Bootcamp experiment proved to be a rip-roaring success with immediate results.

Kelly will soon be blogging and vlogging from her rebranded website combining her passions for music, coaching and personal development. She’ll be providing tips and inspiration on everything from how to keep calm when you work from home and the builders are in, to reporting live from an exciting new music collaboration project in London. Watch out 2019 Kelly Erez is on fire.

If you google Kelly Erez now you’ll find a lot about the music side of her career. You’ll find impressive YouTube channel viewing numbers between 50,000 to 115,000. You might wonder why she wants to shift and change her career path and daily experiences. She spent last year re-evaluating having gone through some health challenges herself and within her family. It’s time now to create balance and to make space for everything important to her. Her music, her coaching, her partner and family time. The wise coach within knew she could benefit from coaching herself for feedback and a fresh perspective on a full ‘Spring Clean’ of her life-work balance and to end a period of procrastination. What most don’t realise about this talented singer-songwriter is that she has a BA Hons Marketing & Advertising; Is ICF certified in Coaching and is also a certified Mars Venus Relationship and Life Coach with 13 years experience.

The client herself in full musical mode:

WHOLE_istic Coach choice of top Kelly Erez song and video from 2011 includes live studio footage and Kelly’s equally talented singer-songwriter, musician and composer, producer, sister Natalie. Being multi-passionate (and generally awesome) runs in the family.

Kelly describes her style of personal development support as ‘Conversational Coaching.’ She has a particular passion for ‘relationship coaching’ and uses her own techniques in her own relationships both personal and professional. She walks the talk and uses her intuition and learning within her own marriage and will be the first to tell you “It works!” Her husband agrees. As a busy financial advisor, he is the more ‘practical’ and likes to talk about strategy and goals. Kelly says in many ways they are opposites, she describes herself as ‘butterfly minded’ with a tendency towards being more emotional. “We balance each other out, understand what’s important to each other and make time to listen and share. We also know when to give each other space. And we laugh together – a lot!”

Our two days together flowed and was full while relaxing but jam-packed with ideas and much reviewing and sorting done and dusted. ‘Assignments’ included going out for a walk in the fresh air and taking a break from the computer and constant streaming of ideas through to budget spread sheets, content outlines and much more. Kelly chose to use a break to write and email me a spontaneous testimonial while she was still here.

“Wow! I’m literally in a session with India now and had to pause to write this as with every line I’m hearing her say I’m thinking ‘everyone else needs to hear this!’ I have a Word document open on my laptop to make notes and the pages are growing with inspirational info coming up through our discussions.

I’m so excited to get my rebranding done and restyled career off the ground! India gets the essence of what I feel truly represents me and she is helping me get that across in a fun, structured and satisfying way. I’m really enjoying feeling empowered to create my future and having the support of someone who is so passionate about making it happen AND technically able on the net with websites and social media has given me the whole package – go WHOLE_istic Media Coach! Thank you!”

Kelly Erez (New Website in Development)

I’m continuing working with Kelly since she left earlier this morning via messenger. She’s already ordered some great new lights and will be coming for a separate session on video presentation skills and to shoot some vlogs, trailers and intros very soon. We’ll follow up with Ms Erez and other WHOLE_istic Media case notes and studies on future blogs. If you enjoyed this article you know what to do.

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