‘Awaken Me Gently’ Five Star Reviews on Amazon and Goodreads for Australian Author Janne Henn

“I believe there are others who may read this book, who right now are struggling to reconcile their own pre-held beliefs with what they are beginning to suspect may be true. I believe it is for these, that this book has been written.”

Janne Henn, Author

An only child of showbiz parents, Janne Henn toured eastern Australia until the age of 6 years old when her family settled and opened a music business in a Queensland country town.

Her interest in the paranormal and the nature of reality surfaced at an early age. As a young teenager she was troubled by vivid dreams which seemed to speak of past lives. Psychic flashes and random, apparently out-of-body experiences coupled with the odd prophetic dream, fed her curiosity. Seeking answers bought only discouragement and dire warnings from both her parents and her church.

Following into the family music business was a given and Janne taught and demonstrated piano, organ, keyboard, piano-accordion and guitar and performed regularly on local radio. Professional singing gigs lured her to other venues including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Noosa and eventually Sydney, where romance intervened and showbiz lost its allure.

Janne has worked in retail, demonstrating and advertising, continually returning to music teaching and has involved herself in community projects in both a paid and voluntary capacity. She lives in Australia with her husband, Ian, and has two adult sons and two grandchildren.

Her first book AWAKEN ME GENTLY is taken largely from journals she kept whilst exploring her own spirituality and learning to embrace her psychic and medium gifts – she takes you along on her own journey of discovery.

“Janne dares to challenge our belief system by saying “our beliefs are ideas or concepts that we are in love with” – how have we come to love this but no other idea? Perhaps we haven’t looked any further? Maybe this book will make you stop and ponder where your beliefs come from and why you hold on to them… The more I think about the insight this book offers, the more I like it and the more I recommend it. My hope is that reading it will gently awaken you as well!”

Martina 5* Review Excerpt Goodreads

In this beautiful and down to earth book, the reader learns how the author regarded her ‘psychic assaults’ as a curse, not a blessing. They were random, unbidden, at times disturbing, always unsettling, and certainly, not understood. Years of fear and avoidance proved to be no solution. Explanations from mainstream churches did not provide answers. Attempting to ignore them did not make them stop. The author had a choice: continue as she had, powerless over these psychic invasions, or confront them and gain control.

“DOWN TO EARTH AND ENGAGING: The meditation experiences she relates seem similar to experiences I’ve had which is reassuring for me personally (my area doesn’t have easily accessible meditation classes) and she relates her stories with humor and a healthy admission of scepticism. Definitely would like to read more from her.”

Angela 5* Review on Amazon

We will be following up with Janne later in the year who has a new book in the making. She’ll also be featured in our Art series with her wonderful intuitive artworks in acrylic paint and pastels. Discover more about Janne Henn the Author, Artist and Psychic Medium @ www.jannehenn.com
or follow her Facebook page here.

Awaken Me Gently is available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

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