Let’s Talk About: LIFE COACHING a $2 Billion Industry dubbed as a ‘FAD’ by experts

There’s one word you can match to all of the following that makes a full sentence, life-changing for millions of people around the globe: Executive | Life | Happiness | Mindset | Relationship | Business | Personal | Career | Health | Spiritual | Holistic | Spirit Guide | Abundance | Parenting | Wealth | WHOLE_istic Media | Confidence | Enlightenment | Law of Attraction | Twin Flame | Kundalini | Academic | Vegan Lifestyle | Have you sussed it yet? It’s ‘COACH.’

To make that $2 billion relatable across the planet as of today that’s almost 1.6 billion British pounds, 1.1 billion Euros or 112 billion Japanese yen. According to the National Post “Coaching is the second-fastest growing profession in the world, rivalled only by information technology…” I’m surprised I used the word ‘relatable’ when speaking of ‘billions’ of cash in any language. I’ll have to bring it up next time with my sort-your-life-out-in-general online coach to check if there’s a mindset block getting in the way of my future prosperity and abundance.

We’re in the age where we all need a cheerleader and every coach has a coach

The idea of having a personal development mentor or business cheerleader seems to have first become popular during the 1960s and ’70s and dubbed ‘a fad’ by analysts and business news ‘experts’ of the time. I’ll bet my ‘get out of your own way’ audio set that those who are not deceased will have at least one life coach and for some a full posse. They’ll definitely need it for their ‘feel-like-a-fool’ complex. Must be a hard one to release and let go huh? I mean, how could they get that so wrong. Much like Super Hero Entrepreneur Sir Alan Sugar. Wonder if he still feels just a little bit awkward when someone recycles ‘that’ quote from an interview for the Daily Telegraph in February 2005. “Next Christmas the iPod will be dead, finished, gone, kaput.” There’s a great article about the history of coaching for beginners on the Life Coach Hub – to be enlightened click here. 

Being hip-hop-happy regardless of your outer circumstances is a choice you can make. Like breathing, it’s always available to you, anytime, any place, any where

Our ‘Let’s talk about’ series begins now. ‘Now’ is the only moment that exists and the only time you can 100% access your inner power. You’ll know that already if you have a Metaphysical Coach or Spiritual Mentor. Within the subject of Life Coaches and Mentors, there’s so much good stuff to talk about I predict it will take on a life of its own. By the simple act of us observing the phenomena it will come ‘into being’. Much like the God Particle’s appearance in the Hadron Collider. The articles themselves will discover their own sense of self-worth and purpose. Each one will make its own choices, set achievable goals (maybe 7/10 is the new 10/10) discover its true nature and potential. Most likely they will self-manifest and co-create a whole category of their own > merchandise > YouTube Channels > reality shows > great big fat blogs of their own.

Come out of the closet and remind yourself you are AWESOME!

There’s a warning here for those determined to hide away and pretend they’re not awesome. You can’t and resistance is futile. It’s impossible to wade through the darkness of self-doubt when your tribe lights and holds torches for their team. Impossible when there’s at least one exceptional coach and mentor in our midst right now. They’re hanging out in the WHOLE_istic Media Group on Facebook Tribe so far, unnoticed.  Over the next few days, the WHOLE_istic Media Blog is going to ‘out them’ and share it first with this group. Be there or simply decide not to be awesome. The choice and free will is always yours.

This series comes with health, safety and well-being warnings: It’s only ethical, proper and right to make you aware that these individuals and their ideas are infectious. Their energy catches hold like a virus. Before you know what’s hit you, you’ll be spreading it around. Symptoms and side effects include constantly suffering from Mindset adjustments, Developing Lock Jaw from excess happiness and smiling and PCASD (Post Coach Anti-stress Disorder.) You may experience constant obsessive behaviour including states of creative bliss with an intolerance of BS (your own and others). Likely to cause heart centre murmurs, third eye openings and palpitations. Your fears may be justified and confronted when you realise you need a full toxic-negative-thought-pattern bypass. To avoid this pandemic and in the hope of a cure, follow our blog or visit the tribe on Facebook.

Warning: Coaching can breed an overwhelming sense of contentment and gratitude 

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