Coach Couch: LEILA HARDY Online Holistic Intuitive Confidence Coach for Women 

The 1st coach to join us on the couch is leila hardy. based in the UK as an online coach and therapist she helps and connects with women all over the world.

Leila has been an influencer in the Health profession for over 10 years with a background in Holistic therapies, Fitness and Nutrition. After overcoming her own subconscious limiting beliefs and confidence issues, she now specialises in helping women who have health, wealth and happiness challenges that stem from lack of confidence, or not feeling good enough.

These include Weight issues | Anxiety | Depression | Fear | Co-dependency | Self-belief | Challenges | Limiting money beliefs and many (many) more.

As these combine, she gives her clients permission to allow themselves to become the happiest, healthiest, highest versions of themselves by embracing ALL of themselves, not just the ‘good’ bits. The result is that they are empowered to go on to thrive in their lives, relationships and businesses.

Online Holistic Intuitive Confidence Coach Leila Hardy says “I hold you in your power fully, so you can get to know what it feels like to be there and grow into it, so you can have the confidence in your incredible abilities, the health, wealth, happiness and success you desire.”  

As an Online Holistic Intuitive Confidence Coach, her work goes much deeper than the title suggests. She helps others to heal at a deep cellular level using her own unique blend of conscious, subconscious and superconscious mindset skills, such as Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), Hypnotherapy, Reiki energy healing, the Akashic Records, mindfulness and meditation.

“I’m a pull the plaster off quick kind of coach; I’d rather go straight to the subconscious and superconscious root cause of any issue you have, rather than keep trying to ‘fix’ the symptoms of that issue with limited or no long lasting change.”

Leila Hardy
“I am a fast worker though – my mission is to create fast change inside of you PLUS give you the tools to change yourself so that you can go on through your life with all those skills and tools to hand.” Leila Hardy 

Leila Hardy – spotlight on modalities, tools, services and skills summary:

COACHING AREAS: Life Coaching |Health Coaching |Business Coaching| Spiritual Coaching | <Specialist field> empaths, holistic therapists and spiritual entrepreneurs


  • Rapid Transformational Therapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Life Coaching 
  • Confidence Coaching
  • Hypnosis
  • Akashic Record readings
  • Live energy healing
  • Business promotion threads
  • Intuitive coaching
  • Full and new moon ceremonies
  • Subconscious and energy assessments
  • Guidance card thread

Leila Hardy is a WHOLISTIC_Media Coach *preferred referral.* We will be featuring many purveyors of awesomeness during this series but a *preferred referral* means WMC has worked with them herself during her own personal development and refers WM’s own clients based on direct experience OR one of our Authors, Contributors or members of our Circle of Advisors have done the same.

There will be much more on Leila Hardy throughout our COACH COUCH series including tips and advice from the uber-coach herself. In the meantime, we’ll leave you with this free mindset master class for her Facebook group on the subject: ‘Discover your Unique Strengths.’

Leila Hardy goes Live with a free Mindset Masterclass for one of her Facebook Groups

For more LEILA HARDY go to here

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