Teen Vegan Cookbook by Cathy Hutchison may have just saved my bacon!

Survival tip for those receiving last-minute news that a 14 yr old vegan is coming to stay for Christmas. don’t panic. read on.

Well that’s the tesco finest frozen pigs in blankets out the window. I’ve rented my house out for four days over Christmas. As a writer who’s started a new blog in a crowded and precarious digital universe of ‘likes’ and ‘tweets’ needs must, for sensible strategies towards short term sustainability. While I gleefully twitter about the place, buzzing off my own creative meanderings and brain droppings, my responsible alter ego is busy paying the bills. Thank the Goddess for her. It could be a short career as new editor for the WHOLE_istic Media Blog if she wasn’t picking up the reins from time to time.

In the past, when families pay to stay here I’ve chosen treats and thoughtful touches to welcome them with small offerings that reflect my own ethos and show regard for their health and wellbeing. So far, the gluten-free, organic morsels left with love have gone untouched. Discarded and ignored for the processed sugar stash they brought with them. So with six days to go before arrival, assuming that checking the least lethal confectionary on offer at Ocado would suffice this time (I’d already put gift of pigs in blankets in the freezer), I was feeling relaxed. Boom! Casual reply to my email requesting ages and names of children in case Santa leaves something for them in their rooms tells me to expect a 14 yr old vegan and a two-year-old not allowed sweets. Obviously, I high tailed it to Amazon.

TODAY’S TIP: The Vegan Teen Cookbook: Easy vegan meals from what’s already in your kitchen by cathy hutchison

My anxiety turned to relief when I found this. So chuffed I merrily spent an extra £2.99 to have it gift wrapped and it’ll be here on Thursday. Here’s all about it from the Amazon product information page:

“Vegan teens face challenges that their adult counterparts don’t face. Limited income stream, lack of transportation, living counter-culturally within their own families… The Vegan Teen Cookbook is designed to help teens make plant-based meals from what is already in their parents’ kitchen. No special ingredients. No trips to the health food store. Just simple meals that are easy to make with whatever happens to be on hand. The book features grids of meals that are easy to prepare and are based on ingredients readily available at mainstream grocery stores. Each grid is driven by whatever is already in the pantry so that teens can make meals aligned with what their family is already eating. The book is also great for adult vegans who are looking for quick weeknight dinners without a lot of prep work.” Available here on Amazon.

Other books by Cathy Hutchison, available on Amazon now are

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