The Poet’s Chair: ‘The Visit’ by Stacie Frost

Our regular feature ‘the poet’s chair’ will shine a light on unpublished poets, spoken word performers and creative writers who weave rhythms of life.


Please set a place for me
At your dinner table,
And leave a chair vacant next to you,
If you are able.

Because I would like to join you
And spectate on the fun,
I love to hear you laugh and cry
Until the day is done.

I sit and listen to gossip
Which I already know,
However, please don’t worry
I won’t tell a soul.

I watch all that’s happening
With avid interest
And look at you with so much love,
You really are the best.

Now it is my time to return
As I could not stay for long
I only popped in for a while
You’ll never know I’ve gone.

For I have already passed
But I am truly grateful,
That I can still send you all my love
At your dinner table.

© Stacie Frost 2018

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