173 Poems in one book?! Sounds like a job for Superman: ‘My Spirit Song’ by Tirza Schaefer

Author spotlight and poem excerpt from ‘my spirit song: A Spiritual Evolution in Poetic Expression’

This book is a uniquely personal collection of spiritual encounters and self-development. What makes it so special is the fact that Schaefer does not start at the point where she thinks she knows it all, like so many others have. Instead, she brings her journey to light, each step of the way, to inspire others to walk with her and gain greater fulfilment and wisdom in their own right. It’s a one hundred and seventy-three step poetic journey of evolution, in a 434-page compendium of delights comprising more than 50,000 words. Thoughtfully compiled into Sections for Deities, Beautiful Souls and Generally Spiritual, there’s a poem for any time of the day or night. It’s an impressive collection of work available here on Amazon.

This writer first met Tirza on the now de-funk social site Spiritual Networks many moons ago. Although I love them all, my favourite (being a ‘look at the moon’ person) is ‘La Luna – for moon hidden in sunlight.’ She’d been writing for some time but was nervous about sharing on such a vast network (over 100,000 members when it closed) poetry so deeply personal, she wasn’t sure anyone else would be interested. Her first humble and shy mention that she might have a poem or two to share was met with encouragement and great interest from the group’s membership with a love for creative writing and literature. She was stunned if I remember rightly. The appreciation and applause were loud. It caused me to nickname her Shakespeare’s Sister, not knowing at the time that the bard was one of her greatest heroes.

“I AM the Source of all Light, the ultimate creative force, infinite power and divine love, and in this experience complete, utter and unconditional freedom.”

Tirza Schaefer

Things have most certainly changed for the unknown sibling of one of history’s most revered word-smiths. Equally a wizard with words, no longer a whisper in a crowd, the Schaefer Goddess (Avatar ‘Rainbow’ Angel to her Spiritual Network friends) is now a roaring powerhouse and prolific writer with 24 books to her name in more than one genre. We asked Tirza to pick one of her poems to publish for the WHOLE_istic Media blog and this was her choice.

Tirza is a mother of three children plus cat, author, poet, voice-over artist and Reiki healer, provides online full moon and power animal meditations and Divine Feminine workshops. Her website is a huge resource library of Deities, Crystals and Power Animals.


(for my beloved daughter Tarjani)

Graceful and delicate
Your beauty reaches up to heaven
Finely chiselled features
Framed by a halo of waves
Cascading down over your shoulders

Your smile is that
Of a blossoming rose
Graceful, opulent
Radiant and bright

And oh, those moments
When your arms encircle me
In a tender loving gesture
Of deepest affection and trust

Smaller children adore you
You only need to cast one smile
And they flock around your legs
Gravitating towards
The pull of love
That was only meant for them
To grow, to trust
To learn, to play

When music plays
Your body moves
Jiggles, weaves
Hops and spins
To the rhythm of that primeval drum
Which beats to the breath of life

Your movement
In perfect synchronicity
With life’s rhythm
Accelerates my pulse
As my heart expands
In wondrous love
At the beauty of your flow

Such is your beauty
Inside and out
Like a flourishing rose
Growing into maturity
In summer’s sunlight

Delicate yet strong
Gentle yet radiant
Flamboyant yet humble
Loving and intelligent

Do you know how much I adore you?
Do you really deeply listen
To the whispers of your own heart?
Are you truly aware
Of your own innate divine glory
In its entirety
In its whole power?

You have got the strongest foundation
To catapult yourself off from
To fly amongst the stars
To soar towards the sun
Your own glorious power
And the love of your mother

© Tirza Schaefer 2015

You can read another poem from this book called ‘THE SNOW’ published on the SSHH Blog for their winter festive series right here.

To visit Tirza’s website or to follow her on social media and join her groups follow the links www.tirzaschaefer.com | Divine Writings Facebook Page | Creations from the Heartspace Facebook Group |

Kindle and Paperback on Amazon now | Amazon UK | USA

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