Five-star Reviews on Amazon, say they “can’t put it down!” ‘When Love Turns to Harm’ is a gripping tale of strength and determination based on a true story by Lorraine Butterfield

Get author Lorraine Butterfield’s book ‘When Love turns to Harm’ in time for Xmas!

“I Loved this book, I think many people will relate to Jennifer, I hope this gives them courage and support, I liked the fact it was based on a true story, it made me laugh and also cry. I’d love to see a follow-up story one day.”

Carol Burgess

‘When Love turns to harm’ by Lorraine Butterfield is available now on amazon

For author and therapist Lorraine Butterfield writing her book has been a six-year project. It’s taken her heart to write it and to have done so is her dream come true. It is the story of fun-loving Jennifer Smith. It follows her journey from her home city of Hereford that leads her to travel the world. A gripping story of strength and determination as Jenny finds herself in an abusive relationship. She shares how she recovered from the trauma and healed. The book has received excellent reviews with five-stars all the way – Available on Kindle and Paperback you can get your hands on a copy delivered in time for Christmas here!

“It is a poignant story. However, it shows how a soul can overcome adversity and change their life around. Lots of people can relate to the main character at some point in their life. Thanks, I fully recommend this book if you enjoy a book that you can’t put down!”

Miss SL Hampton

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To find out more about Lorraine Butterfield follow the links: Website | Facebook Author Page | Facebook Tarot Guidance | Facebook Lorraine Butterfield EFT/Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

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