Concern for the wellbeing of depression sufferers over Christmas UK

Unfortunately we probably all know the stats off the top of our head. Most of us can recite them by heart. They’ll be an elephant in the room for one in for four of us here in the UK, not only during the festive season but for 365 days of the year. It’s that popular elephant called ‘depression.’

Stacie Frost is a clinical hypnotherapist and holistic practitioner who is using her SSHH Facebook page in the run up to to New Year to shine a light for all those suffering from symptoms of depression and anxiety. With a series of blogs running this week and regular posts through to 2019 she is raising awareness and sharing out a list of helplines and centres for the UK.

Stacie Frost, Dip Hyp, MPLTA, Ad Col, Reiki
Medium and Development Coach

“I hope to drive others to create a simple collated list of help for their local area. Just sticking it on the fridge or in a local community hall might change everything for someone. Sounds too simple and pointless to some “Sad people can just google it. Job done.” What they may not understand is that for many people the effort’s impossible. For others, they don’t even realise they’re in an abyss before it’s too late.”

Stacie Frost, Dip Hyp, MPLTA, Ad Col, Reiki

Stacie has written an exclusive piece for WHOLE_istic Media which tells of her own unexpected struggle with depression. The story of her personal experience appears as the first of a new monthly blog series on WM called ‘Losing My Religion: Crisis of Faith’ – schedule to be published on Thursday.

You can read Stacies articles on depression on her SSHH blog. Join her on Facebook and visit her website

Practical advice and holistic support for those suffering from depression by Stacie Frost

Globally, more than 300 million people of all ages suffer from depression.

World Health Organisation

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