Robot Voices in my head

It seems that last year’s spike in a furious debate over the use of robotic voice-overs for Youtube videos didn’t make much of an appearance in 2018. I noticed as I need some current data and trends for 2019 for a client. I was hoping that up to date info would be easily sourced from the ‘user only’ perspective. Nothing much helped gain any true insight as the range of human bloggers helpful comments and advice was either 100% against or for. “Lazy and frankly rude,” say the nays, “A godsend of a time-saver!” say the ayes. The most sense I got out of anyone was this helpful synth below from February 2016.

Being none the wiser for sure whether the viewers have an issue with speech recognition and automated apps for voice-overs, I’m going with my gut for now which is it’ll work and be appropriate in certain scenarios and for others it’s a terrible idea. Case in point the next video below. I do apologise to the makers of this one but the voice used for this concept and information, for me personally is a big no-no, nay-nay. However, within the comments, there’s no sign of anyone being bothered by a soul-less psychic advisor letting them know if they’re gifted or not. This video has 6,250,149 views that suggests I’m in the minority.

If anyone has any up to date figures on audience preference with regard to robotic voices across various video genres would be grateful for a link in the right direction. Thank you!

“Any data shares on recent audience preferences would be received with joy and appreciation.”

WHOLE_istic Media Team

As always at WHOLE_istic Media, we’re in favour of the less artificial and more intelligent approach, regardless of subject or genre but we must pass a nod of respect to the makers at SimpleCapacity for those viewing numbers of 6,250,149  with 75K thumbs up and  5.5 thumbs down. These synth-meisters clearly know their market and know exactly what they doing. 

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