FREEDOM_WEEKEND: Love, Peace and Unity to all those standing up, marching, dancing and making a beautiful noise for Truth + Freedom > featured track + video ‘I WISH (Men Would Be Men Again)’ by DEAN FACEY

As we each take responsibility for our own thoughts and feelings, this sends a powerful force of light, love and peace out into the ether. Know that you are invincible and that fear is an illusion.

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Conscious music is flourishing and I’m chuffed to discover this brilliant tune_age and video by Dean Facey. Subscribe to Dean on Youtube and share this positive and powerful message if you align with freedom and truth. Lyrics for our time. Carpe Diem!

Awesome track! The question “what happened to all the REAL men” is one I and others have asked many times over the past 15 months. It seems a great job of softening-up of the authentic masculine spirit has been achieved through social engineering this past generation, since I don’t feel the architects of Evil could have got away with this Scamdemic shit show in the 70s or 80s – armies of real men WOULD have risen up and put the tyranny down. Fast forward to 2021, and lines of stocky, beefy men with shaven heads, earrings and tattoos standing obediently in line at Lidl looking like frightened children with their fear muzzles on.

Great work, Dean.

Mark Devlin
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“I Wish” (Men Would Be Men Again)

What you gonna say to the kids
When they ask what you did
When the government came for your soul
Did you stand up speak the truth
For the future of our youth
Or stay home and do as you’re told
Were you a man or a mouse
Staying hidden in the house
Like a child being told what to do
Covering your ears and your eyes
As to not realise
The deception pretending it was truth

How come so many men are so wet
Remember history lest we forget
Medical tyranny the global threat
Now you’re following orders you’ll live to regret
How come so many men are so weak
If you lick me nah
I’m not turning the other cheek
I’m gonna even the score
Whether it’s within the law
Without a paddle you’ll be up shits creek
Tell me why are so many men
Listening to politicians
When last week you said they only sell lies
Telling me there’s no hope with a vote
And that they’re all cutthroat
Self serving snakes you despise
So how come you remember to forget
Where you stand as a man
When there is no room to compromise
Either stand up be free live your liberty
Be a man or watch your demise


You know them man
Broad back big chest and ripped
Full beard big guns leg day never skipped
Bald head big and bad
For a fight always prepared
Bowling up to Tesco you see
How they are scared
Of a batty hole security guard
Taking them to task
To avoid confrontation
They pop on their face mask
Bitch muzzle face nappy
Are you taking the piss
A television radicalised health terrorist
All image no substance you’re spineless man
Frontin’ like you’re a football hooligan
Neck tats full sleeve all mouth no heart
Camel toe in your grey sweatpants dont start
Real men have balls a sense of what’s right
Courage to say NO fighting the good fight
Integrity innate sense of pride
Universal law we abide


Now don’t get me wrong I’m struggling
With this beta male archetype
Such a circle jerk of virtue signalling
Narcissism greed and fake hype
Injecting health by putting a needle in
Everyone’s arm is such a dumb deal
The government is control demolitioning
Our society it’s so surreal
What’s emerging is medical apartheid
Not enough men will not comply
Frightened of breaking the rules
Or looking like fools
In company that don’t ask why
It’s all about making dollars not cents
Cancel culture taking offense
Trust the science not common sense
And living a life of contagion pretence
I wish men would be men again
Instead of giving up all our freedoms
Over fake variants


Written and performed by Dean Facey.
Produced by ASMM Productions.
Video by Dean Facey.

Thanks for joining us, we’ll sign off with MY FRIEND (432 Hz) by Groove Armada. Until next time, keep your vibration high for the good of all and know #loveWINS

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