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Spring is in the air with a brave new field of gold. LIVITY LIVING will be rockin’ the top of the crops in 2021/2022. Pack a bag, leave your worries far behind and plan for a jailbreak to the GOOD LIFE in Neuva Andalucia

Ras Binghi Iword and Heddi Greenwood like most of us have had life-changing happenings and events to turn worlds upside down, test faith to its limits and seemingly unending moments of confusion and pain – Mind, Body and Soul. But like all champions of spirit and universal truth they’ve rolled with the punches, got up when they’ve been knocked down and are now on the rise like never before. We catch up with LIVITY LIVING in their own words.

LIVITY LIVING Life Natural > VEGANIC ORGANIC Herbal Forest: Spain

Over the last year, we have all had many changes and challenges. For us, some of these have been fantastic. Creation has blessed us with new lands which have enabled us to expand our food and herbal forest even further.

We also have a new family member ‘Sir Fredlocks Goaty Beard’ – he is still a pup but already quite a size now. We have also been able to develop our VEGANIC ORGANIC farming with some incredible results.

New pup in the LIVITY LIVING family, meet Sir Fredlocks Goaty Beard – DogneedshomeBrado on Facebook

At LIVITY LIVING Life Natural we see the people who work with us as HealthSeekers, who like us understand the importance of looking after themselves using natural remedies and practices. For this, we would like to thank you for trusting in us and our products. As I am sure you are aware by now our mantra has always been ‘dis-ease prevention is the best cure’.

Ras and Heddi LIVITY LIVING Life Natural

Challenging times but we’re still producing

Not having a steady market has made things challenging but we have still been able to continue to get our natural remedies out to people worldwide, mainly via the postal system but we also deliver where and when we are permitted. So please if you need some form of natural remedy support, please get in touch. We are continually adding to our range ensuring we have something that will work with you and for you.

Check out our shop. Oh yeah!!!! Look out for our new range of superfoods and organic fruit and veg boxes – coming soon.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on

Workshops and Retreats at LIVITY LIVING Farm and Food Forest

We are keen to start having small workshops on our beautiful farm and food forest. We want to be sharing the knowledge of growing and producing, empowering you to be able to grow your own food and develop your own natural remedies throughout these testing times in your own homes. We have room for small groups and enough space for people to camp overnight.

We are in the process of setting up a few different regular events on our farm giving us the opportunity to meet like-minded people.

Come back to us and let us know what could be of interest to you, be it herbalism, growing foods, cooking vegan or just spending time in nature. We are here to share what we do. We need your interaction to enable us to make this a space we can all enjoy and benefit from.

We look forward to your response. Please get in touch and share your ideas.

It really is time to come together in a way that we can share what we have with each other so nobody is left wanting. Let’s tap into some of the qualities that have made us who we are today. Share the care that we grew up enjoying. Be love and your vibrations will inspire and connect.

Let’s get re-connected it’s time to start evolving together building hope and unity that is built on love and sharing. Come and get involved……..

Ras & Heddi LIVITY LIVING Life Natural.

Experiences from LIVITY LIVING Health Seekers

Having spent over a year in and out of hospitals (2019/2020) and being ‘blue-lighted’ more times than necessary due to hospital acquired infections (leading to heart attack, coma and much more) to finally be back in my own home and once again in charge of my own health and recovery, my box of treasure from Spain was a bliss_ing and couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Thanks to their expertise, wisdom, exceptional hand blended remedies and my own inner physician I am now on the road to recovery. I can’t recommend LIVITY LIVING highly enough. We need more sovereign beings like this taking the soil into their own hands and hearts to help educate us all to learn to take personal responsibility, live ethically and heal ourselves and our environment.

India Wilson RMANM (Dip.Pro.K) KF Associate

science Of nature Progressive Kinesiology

“Being a hairdresser and having my hands constantly in water over the years – arthritis has developed – Using the pain cream has made my hands virtually pain-free and I am able to enjoy my work again.”

Calvin Lee, Calvins Hair Studio
Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on

“My horse Rocco had three open wounds on his rear leg which the vet said would heal but would take some time.

I met Ras Iword who kindly made us a herbal ointment and instructed us to apply daily – after just a day the wounds have healed beyond expectations – we can’t thank him enough!”

Elaine Kyle


Photo by Tatiana on
LIVITY LIVING Life Natural The best is yet to come …

How to contact LIVITY LIVING Life Natural

WEBSITE: A mine of information, advice, and a brilliant blog. Sign up for their free newsletter to hear what’s happening, what’s growing, and what’s new. htpps://

PHONE + EMAIL: +34 699 15 14 05



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