The Space Elf Soul Type

Captivated by this Space Elf Soul Type image found on a google search I followed the link. Happy I did. Great blog, makes mine seem ‘messy’. Thank you High Elven Wisdom and Love, we look forward to learning.

High Elven wisdom and Love

Space Elves 

Many of you may also resonate with being a Starseed and Elf, there are many combinations and the older your soul is, the more types you may resonate with.

Starseed Elves are very much like Earth elves, but they live on other planets in other star systems.

Some of them are assisting humanity in helping them with keeping the earth from being destroyed by other beings that don’t care about nature and do not see the Divine connection within it.

If you are a Starseed Elf, it means before earth you came from another planetary system, in your last life, taking an oath with you that you would help out Earth and other newly developing civilizations.

You may be a Starseed Elf if you:

*Have a definite knowing of a better possible future for humanity
*Feel “alien” or isolated on earth till you meet another who SEES…

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