Vibrant Artist Gayvenda Kessler is a born storyteller in all that she creates > This month’s featured Artist is from Texas. Prepare to be dazzled by this wise, fierce, funny, multi-talented, multi-passionate and most unique Desert Rose

Some people are undeniably special. They stand out from a crowd without being loud and spark joy in others wherever they wander. Gayvenda Kessler is a woman who ‘paints rainbows’ by nature, whether on canvas or within the hearts of those she reaches out to and connects with around the world. She is the founder and creator of Gayvenda’s Hues and Gems

‘Lady Under The Sun’ by Gayvenda Kessler

The Artist in Her Own Words >

First of all, I believe in living what you love and loving what you live! It is a wonderful thing when doing what you love also creates your income. I love creating beauty for others to enjoy. Today I have realized that it is only by the grace of my Creator that I have been blessed with this artistic gift. When I paint, it is listening to my soul and expressing it onto canvas.

“Working daily in an office setting took me out of my element. I was drawing maps, pipelines, drafting graphs, making presentation slides, and so on. There was a sadness in my soul for twenty years because I was not being true to myself and the talents my Creator gave to me. I had studied fine arts at North Texas State University many years before and had been painting since age twelve. I used to daydream about what it would be like to be able to paint every day. ”

‘Lady In Red’ by Gayvenda Kessler is part of her own private collection

During the winter of my time, and shortly after recovering from a long illness, I found a passion for painting in acrylics and oils. I was receiving a small government check because I was disabled and lived in government housing. I could not work outside the home. I also had no car for three years. It was like waking up one day and wondering how I got there. The only thing I could think of in my unfortunate situation was to fall back on selling paintings for extra income. 

What seemed like a curse turned out to transform my life into that of a working artist. So, through a back door, I walked straight into my lifetime dream! I also had quite a stock of gemstones, sterling silver fixings and clasps which a neighbor had given to me before she passed. I began making and selling beautiful necklaces, also. I began studying about the healing properties of gemstones and the healing rays of colors. Designing them usually takes about 3 hours, then I put them together and sell them on my FB sites. I began to design custom necklaces for women to reflect their favorite colors, symbols and enhance their personalities.

The Cult Of Bast

I was inspired to paint four beautiful abstract cat paintings in oils. I sold my first two for $150 each and kept two because I have great sentimental feelings for these pieces. Recently, I decided to part with them and have put them up for sale. One is called “The Observer” and the other is called “Divine Mother”. I brought “The Observer” painting to my kriya yoga meditation class and the only thing my teacher said was “Bast”. I had no idea what he meant, but I googled it when I got home.

The ancient Egyptians, from around 3500BC through 1500AD, worshiped domestic cats as Gods. The era was called The Cult of Bast. The Egyptians built 2 large Bast temples and allowed the cats to roam freely through it and around it. They would also adorn some of them with golden jewelry and carry them around on cushions or baskets. Today, only part of the ruins of each temple still remain. In the 1920s, archeologists unearthed 2 cat grave yards with around 80,000 cat skeletons in each one. I painted a stylized portrait of my 2 cats in oils several years ago. Cats are mysterious to me and all purr at the same frequency. As being so revered for 5,000 years, it’s no wonder that cats seem to have such an “aloof” attitude.

“This is a whimsical oil painting I call Divine Mother. Its dimensions are 26″ x30” Gayvenda Kessler

Canine Companions

Nature and Landscapes

Abstract and Self Portrait

To view available pieces for sale and private commissions contact Gayvenda at her Facebook Business Page ‘Gayvenda’s Gems and Hues.’

WHOLE_istic Media would like to thank Gayvenda for her generosity in allowing her paintings to be used on the_BLOG to support the *Dr_Doolittle Awareness Campaign* to gently send a message around the world for other animals who unlike us cannot speak for themselves. The whole collaboration team are so grateful for the kindness, support, encouragement, wisdom and light she brings to our Facebook Tribe. Like we said in the intro, some people are undeniably special. Their presence is a gift.

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3 Replies to “Vibrant Artist Gayvenda Kessler is a born storyteller in all that she creates > This month’s featured Artist is from Texas. Prepare to be dazzled by this wise, fierce, funny, multi-talented, multi-passionate and most unique Desert Rose”

  1. When I met Gayvenda in 2011, I immediately knew that there was something special about her. I didn’t know that she was an artist or jewelry maker, but she had an aura that drew me to her. We became fast friends from the start. The first time that I went to her apartment and saw her paintings, I was taken aback by their beauty! Her work still astonishes me with every painting or piece of jewelry that she creates! Not only does she paint her own creations, but also her commissions of her clients’ portraits or pets. Every client is more than pleased with her work! Gayvenda’s God-given talent evident in every painting and piece of jewelry that she creates!


  2. I’ve been friends with Gayvendita from high school and have seen that she had a magical talent like I’ve never seen before… All her work takes on another dimension, another world where you would love to live all the time! It’s whimsical, fanciful, kind, lovely and surreal. You can crawl into one of her paintings and experience the fun and magic of life, you’ll never want to leave!

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