Mindset and WEIGHT LOSS > If you’ve been endlessly searching for something to finally click, join this 21 day GET IN GEAR Online Challenge by Final Straw Fitness > April 1- April 21

after endlessly searching for results and wasting thousands of dollars on gym’s that she hardly ever went to, Ali Greenman lost 70lbs by finding her own way and using a combination of mindset, nutrition and exercise that was right for her. now she coaches others with ‘final straw fitness’ and her unique, infectious approach. will you take the challenge?

Ali Greenman is described by those who know and work with her as a powerful coach who helps her clients find their own way to change habits of a lifetime and mindsets to ensure they meet their goals. She’s realistic, doesn’t pull punches and her own story and battle toward fitness and a healthier lifestyle proves her techniques and unique approach works and gets results.

“After making my own physical and mental transformation, I absolutely FELL IN LOVE with the process of not only learning how to eat right, and workout for my body, but also getting my mind in it as well and I devoted my life to bringing it to you! “

Ali Greenman, Final Straw Fitness
BEFORE and AFTER – Ali Greenman walks her talk and is living proof that her way gets results

Ali’s Story In Her Own Words >

Growing up, I was always the chunky kid. I was never severely overweight, but definitely the biggest in my group of friends. When I went to college, I became friends with other girls that looked like me. We had a blast! We would go to the bar, then hit the local diner for a nice big meal after a night of drinking. Of course, the next morning, we would need some more greasy food. That is how I spent most of my weekends for a good 2 or so years. Boy did that change my ‘never severely overweight’ status! It wasn’t until I was out of that environment that it really hit me that I undoubtedly HAD to lose weight!

But, I didn’t want to. Who WANTS to go to the gym? Who WANTS to eat healthy? I certainly didn’t! Shortly after graduating, I moved to Florida. I went from the college party life with all my friends to living among beautiful, bikini clad, sexy women… with my parents. The first year we lived here, I went to the beach pretty regularly and wore shorts and a baggy t-shirt the whole entire time; even in the ocean. I couldn’t bare for my body to be seen. I hated it. Eventually, I started to play adult slow pitch softball and I couldn’t run around the bases. I was the slowest, fattest one on the team, and it sucked. These things became my wake up call! I no longer wanted to sun tan in a big t-shirt, get out of breath running the bases, or bury these feelings with food.

I totally changed my diet, and I lost 60 pounds in 4 months! At that point, I joined a gym with a Personal Trainer, and lost another 10 pounds, but then the magic happened. My body totally transformed from being big and poofy, to being much leaner and more toned! I could see muscles! It was a whole new world for me, and I vowed to never turn back! Throughout this transformation, I fell in love with the process! I knew there were other women out there struggling just like I was. They must feel lost and hopeless… like there is no way they can possibly lose all this weight! They could be all covered up on the beach. Or they could even be sprinting around the bases at softball while everyone else sees a runner in slow motion. Maybe they are even sitting at a restaurant after a night out wondering what the heck they are doing to themselves. Well guess what? I did it, and with the right support and tools, you can too! All you have to do is commit.


  • STOP searching endlessly for that special something that just makes it ‘click!’
  • You know you should eat right, but what does that even mean? You know you should workout but what kind of exercises should you be doing? You know you have to find something and stick with it in order to see results, but once you ‘fall off the wagon,’ it’s just so hard to get back on, right?
  • Need a jumpstart?
  • Enter the all new 21 Day ‘GET IN GEAR’ Challenge!
  • If you stay with the challenge for all 21 days get your commitment fee back!!
To sign up for the Get In Gear Challenge click HERE to join now!

This challenge will teach you all about:

  • Nutrition, so you can ditch the ‘should and shouldn’t’ or ‘good and bad’ ideas around food, enjoy all your favorites; guilt free, and stop that all or nothing mentality from taking over!
  • Fitness, so you can stop looking at exercise as a ‘chore’ or something that just has to be done and actually learn to enjoy it, know what exercises will get you to your goals, and finally feel it as that elusive ‘stress reliever’ you hear people talking about!
  • Mindset, so you can let go of those fears of failure or success, understand how to keep your mind in check on those days where motivation and willpower are nowhere to be found, have that incredible accountability to help you push harder and become the best version of yourself!


The challenge runs from April 1- April 21. In the first week Ali will be covering all things nutrition, second week will be exercise, third will be mindset. Each day there will be a little ‘challenge’ or task to go along with whatever is covered that day. Ali will also be sharing 3 workouts that can be done from home or at the gym once a week. There is a challenge Commitment Fee of $99. If the challenger participates fully throughout the whole 21 days that $99 will be returned to them or they can use it as a credit to work with Ali moving forward. If they do not participate fully, they forfeit their commitment fee. ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE?

To learn more about Final Straw Fitness and super coach Ali Greenman visit the website here.

Sign up to the ‘GET IN GEAR’ 21 Day Challenge here.

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