WORLD POETRY DAY > We vote our No.1 book ‘My Spirit Song’ by Tirza Schaefer. This wonderful body of work contains a collection of 173 Poems. If you need analogue books that are special around you > Choose this one, it’s a keeper and real world library must-have

Celebrating ‘World Poetry Day’ with a poem from our No.1 choice ‘My Spirit Song: A Spiritual Evolution in Poetic Expression’ > THE SEA

Celebrating World Poetry Day with ‘Spirit Song: A Spiritual Evolution in Poetic Expression’ by Tirza Schaefer

‘My Spirit Song’ is a uniquely personal collection of spiritual encounters and self-development. What makes it so special is that Schaefer does not start at the point where she thinks she knows it all. She brings her journey to light, each step of the way, to inspire others to walk with her and gain greater fulfilment and wisdom in their own right. It’s a one hundred and seventy-three step poetic journey of evolution, in a 434-page compendium of word wizardry comprising more than 50,000 words. Thoughtfully compiled into Sections for Deities, Beautiful Souls and Generally Spiritual, there’s a poem for any time of the day or night.

It’s been chosen by WHOLE_istic Media as their No.1 book for World Poetry Day because it’s one of those books you want to hold, smell, turn physical pages, use your best bookmarks in (real ones) to remind and prompt you of your favourites. You may choose to have a portable version with the convenience of Kindle but if you have the space and love of real books for your own library, whether that be a small special shelf or a whole room, it’s one of those books that you want to keep as treasure. One of those books that never makes it to the charity shop during a de-clutter and is never allowed to be ‘borrowed by friends.’ It’s not that you don’t want to share it. You just miss it when its gone. It’s a source of inspiration and comfort. You just like having it around. Any book lover who has ‘borrowers’ as friends, know, it’s unlikely you’ll get it back. Better then to keep in mind as a great gift idea for library lovers and buy them their own. It’s an impressive collection of work and you can order it here on Amazon.


A vast expanse
Rippled and glittering
Whether under the sun’s bright
Or the moon’s pale light
Sometimes peaceful
Sometimes churning
It lies so open, clear
Yet all-consuming

For in its depths
It holds much mystery
Living creatures
Things long lost
Oh, what a force
And what a power
It unleashes
Within the observer
The one who knows
That he is that vast ocean
Contained within a single drop
As Rumi wrote
So many years ago

The sea has never lost its soul
To touch the hearts of all those
Who looked at it
Who travelled upon it
Who swam in it
Who found their last rest

All found themselves
Being at One
With the water’s
Cradling arms
Holding their hearts
And seeping its power into them

For then they knew
They are the Sea
They are the power
The life force that can never be tamed
Energy eternal
Changing its form in waves
In ripples and glittery shine

In the darkest recess of an ocean’s cave
Far below the surface
The Sea invites us, beckons us
To explore its mysteries
And by this connection
Learn about ourselves

We explore our light and our shadows
That which is open and the hidden
Don’t be afraid to love all of you
Sweet Soul
For then you’ll find
Your own greatest power!

©Tirza Schaefer 2015

“I AM the Source of all Light, the ultimate creative force, infinite power and divine love, and in this experience complete, utter and unconditional freedom.”

Tirza Schaefer

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To visit Tirza’s website or to follow her on social media and join her groups follow the links | Divine Writings Facebook Page | Creations from the Heartspace Facebook Group |

Paperback on Amazon now | Amazon UK | USA

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