New FREE Weekly LIVES on Facebook > *DIY_Absolute_Beginners* Help start-ups and solopreneurs upload their mojo and transform themselves into Social Media Ninjas

RaShawn Dyonne, founder and creator of Creative Holistic Solutions, Success Mindset Coach and Digital Marketing Strategist has joined forces with the WHOLE_istic Media Tribe Facebook group to turn technophobes and the uninitiated into online Superstars > First LIVE kicks off on Wednesday 20th March at 7pm GMT/UTC

A new weekly LIVE event kicks off this Wednesday at 7pm UK/UTC. RaShawn Dyonne of Creative Holistic Solutions has teamed up with WHOLE_istic Media to offer FREE lessons, support and downloadable resources for solopreneurs, start-ups, technophobes or anyone who wants to get ‘back to basics’ and learn how to become a digital social media *SUPERSTAR*

Each week will focus on a different social media channel or topic, helping it’s group members upload (jazz up, freshen up or energise) their mojo and not only keep it there but grow and thrive. Something important to both Creative Holistic Solutions and WHOLE_istic Media is to encourage and empower their own clients to find ways to do what they love and love what they do. To have fun, especially when improving their online presence and social media influence. Ideally, it should not be a chore.

During the LIVES members can ask questions and take advantage of the opportunity to spend time with a skilled social media marketing strategist who ‘sees the whole person’ and understands how to utilise holistic intention and values in business. No surprise then that *Creative Holistic Solutions* and *WHOLE_istic Media* are an excellent fit and digital dream team.

* Free Expert advice and support on social media
* Free time online with a mentor, coach & strategist
* Free Replays (Catch it later, revisit any time)
* Free Downloadable files for each LIVE

* Just show up, join the group if not already a member (or watch later)

*WHOLE_istic Media Facebook Tribe Group

This LIVE is also sharing out in real-time on the following pages

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EMERGE! Online Business Success Superstars Group

RaShawn Dyonne-Creative Holistic Solutions Page

RaShawn Dyonne-Holistic Marketing Strategist Page

*DIY_Absolute_Beginners* Weekly LIVES can help you transform yourself into a Social Media Ninja. Join RaShawn Dyonne in the WHOLE_istic Media Tribe Facebook group every Wednesday.

“I help creative and conscious entrepreneurs with success mindset mastery and powerful online marketing strategies. I am passionate about helping innovative entrepreneurs confidently learn how to position themselves as an online expert in their field and grow their businesses by consistently attracting their ideal audience in a competitive market.”

RaShawn Dyonne, Creative Holistic Solutions

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