Nancy Florence dedicated her life to service 10 years ago when she first trained as a Psychotherapist. Then she discovered coaching. As one of her own coaches, Steve Chandler says, it was like discovering the cure to cancer. Nancy is an online coach and provides desire map retreats for women in business.

Nancy says her own coaches have helped her to make some of the most powerful decisions of her life including:

  • Releasing herself from an abusive relationship
  • Moved into a houseshare with 2 children whilst building a coaching practice
  • Forgive her mother for committing suicide
  • Adopted a business approach that goes against everything she had previously been taught about sales and marketing

“Now I live in London with my beautiful daughters and my partner. I spend my days serving my clients and writing my book. When I’m not coaching, you’ll find me singing and dancing with my kids in the living room or watching French movies with my man. At the week-end we love taking the whole family for an adventure in nature.”

Nancy Florence

Desire Map retreat for tired high-achievers

Earlier this year Nancy held a Desire Map Retreat at The Retreat UK. She has another two day workshop planned for April. Here’s how it went:

“Through my own process of liberation, I have inspired hundreds of women all over the world to desire map. I have seen guilty mums take trips to Paris on a whim. I have seen men decide to leave their wife. I have seen entrepreneurs decide to place their Core Desired Feelings at the centre of their business model. This work is transformational.

It doesn’t matter if you have already desire mapped or not, the power of the group is something you have to experience for yourself. I desire map on my own every 6 months or so but I am always blown away by the desire map retreats I have participated in.

They are pure magic.”

Nancy Florence
One of Nancy’s clients Nadia describes her experience, the intelligence of nature and her love for trees while taking part in February’s Desire Map retreat

For more Nancy Florence go to her website at Nancy Florence.com. We will be saluting other inspirational women on the_BLOG today to celebrate International Women’s Day. International Men’s Day this year is on 19th November.

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