This Week: At WHOLE_istic Media > The Countdown begins for a NEW LAUNCH

It’s been a busy time at WHOLE_istic Media with new and existing clients working hard on Spring launches and exciting projects and new services rolling out during the first quarter of 2019 >

From today and until Spring gets ready for Summer in a couple of months time, it’s a hive of activity for WHOLE_istic Media, it’s partners, collaborators and clients. Here’s a round up of just a few of the exciting creative solopreneurs, brands and projects kicking off as the daffodils stir, rise, wake up and bloom.


Suzi Gee and the GEEforce team have joined forces with WHOLE_itic Media to design, create and deliver new, unique and bespoke Retreats, Experiences, Workshops and more. Here’s a sneak preview of a teaser promo publishing to WM and Suzi Gee network of social media pages and groups.

*Dr_Doolittle* collaboration project by the WHOLE_istic Facebook Tribe support group continues with its second blog and video ‘Let’s Talk about DOG’ coming in a few days time as the FB group goes back to public >

This awesome awareness campaign is a collaboration project by members of the WM Facebook Tribe to gently send a message around the world. “For other animals, who unlike us, cannot speak for themselves.” Campaign members include Authors, Artists, Cleaners, Life Coaches, Singers, Musicians, Mentors, Poets, Solopreneurs and individuals from all over the globe including Australia, Abu Dabi, Canada, USA, Europe including Germany and the UK. Here’s our first video that kicked off the campaign “Let’s talk about Elephant.”


  • Announcement of first GEEforce Taster Workshop with incredible offers and gifts for attendees including LIVES during the event being held at The Retreat UK on social Media.
  • Launch of new branding, website, services and announcement of first event and workshop from Singer, Songwriter and Life Coach KELLY EREZ.
  • Launch of new branding, website and services from Author, Spoken Word Artist and Mentor TIRZA SCHAEFER. Awesome new online resources, fresh and innovative new look, blog … the works! Wonderful make-over by the Schaefer brand and it’s associated pages and groups.
  • The ‘Winner’ will be chosen and published by Holistic Therapist, Development Coach and Writer STACIE FROST and her SSHH brand, supporting unpublished creative writers in collaboration with WHOLE_istic Media.
  • DIY Masterclasses for beginners ‘LIVES’ by RASHAWN DYONNE of Creative Holistic Solutions. This regular series of tips and guidance for solopreneurs using social media to promote their services and businesses begins with ‘Twitter’ and will go out at a regular time on the WHOLE_istic Media Facebook Tribe Group and its network of associated channels.

WHOLE_istic Solopreneurs > Left to right > Suzi Gee | RaShawn Dyonne | Kelly Erez | Stacie Frost | Tirza Schaefer

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