Dr_Doolittle Campaign Launch > *A Collaboration project to gently send a message around the world*

WHOLE_istic Media and its team of collaborators include individuals, solopreneurs, artists, authors, singers, musicians, life coaches, therapists, small businesses and social media groups and pages from around the globe including > AUSTRALIA | CANADA | DUBAI | GERMANY | INDIA | IRELAND | PORTUGAL | SPAIN | UNITED KINGDOM | UNITED STATES | with more team members coming on board daily.

As a global community, our subconscious minds are bombarded with images, messages, news stories and activities that disconnect us from other sentient beings. Powerful enough to disconnect us not only from others but also from ourselves. They are able to chip away at the value humanity assigns to other living things including our home environment we call Earth. To follow are just a few everyday examples:

The end game in actual and virtual realities is to destroy your opponents to win.

“Minecraft’ is still one of the biggest games in the world, with over 91 million people playing monthly. Microsoft-owned “Minecraft” continues to be a massive success. The monthly player count crested 91 million this summer, an increase of nearly 20 million players across 2018.”

Business Insider

The next most played games are ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘DOTA 2.’ All violent and all about taking your opponents out of the game by destroying them. Even seemingly ‘harmless’ and ‘cartoon-like’ games on the surface appear to promote diversity and equanimity – In these virtual worlds, your team members may be other human beings, animals, zombies, aliens, guardians or cuddly bears. Whatever the avatar the end game is the same. To ‘beat’ your opponents to get where you want to go. To succeed is to annihilate everyone and everything that moves and ‘lives’ for the thrill of the kill and to be rewarded at the end. Medals for destruction and mock murder.

Constant exposure to negative imagery, symbols, ideas and destructive influences creates fear that can lead to apathy, depression, despair and feelings of isolation. This disconnects us from our heart centre, other sentient beings, our home planet and ourselves.

On continuous loops from mainstream media are ‘News’ items that are relentless in their spreading of fear that eventually evolves into apathy for many. News stories such as: In the USA some educational establishments are arming their teachers and training them how to shoot to kill in an emergency hostage situation. To protect themselves and their students, from potential threats from other gun-wielding kids. In the UK knife crime was reported as an epidemic in 2018 with those losing their lives ranging in age from four years old to an eighty-year-old pensioner. Only last night this blogger watched a group of London school kids on TV who had complained about an article in The Times Newspaper. They all agreed that so many kids they knew had died, often at the hands of other children, it no longer shocked them. Every one of the class agreed “We’re just used to it.” Across the world, we have managed to ‘normalise’ the loss of life and in many cases, the taking of it without good reason or remorse.

Reconnecting the Heart Centre with gentle but persistent messages that promote the value of the lives of all sentient beings >

Despite humans having evolved with animals and according to GSK’s report half of all the people on the planet live with an animal as a pet; The multitude of conservation projects worldwide; The WWF and an endless list of initiatives and organisations. Still, today, animals are abused and killed in the name of sport or bred and sold for profit with no regard for their welfare. As more than half the global online community spend a considerable amount of time watching, sharing, uploading and downloading cat memes and videos of animals being cute – Here at WHOLE_istic we thought a collaborative campaign (the first of many planned projects) focused on animals was a good place to start.

It’s our hope that gentle reminders throughout the year may quietly persuade others to consider a shift in perspective with one (constantly repeating message) that is offered with kindness and minimal judgement. We feel this is a much better way to make a lasting impression than the shock tactics and ‘sledgehammer’ approach of mainstream media used in the spread of fear and separation. By starting with animals, maybe we can balance out some of the global ‘We’re just used to it’ feeling. If it sparks a change in attitude and the personal ethics of just one trophy hunter and that one human being makes a choice to drop deer stalking in favour of clay pigeon shooting – Well then this collaborator will be one happy bunny.

There will be 24 videos, two each month plus several blogs running alongside the series theme, released throughout the year. Thanks for reading and thank you in advance for adding your voice to our campaign by sharing it whenever you can on your social media channels. We kick off our campaign with “Let’s talk about ELEPHANT.”

CAMPAIGN Dr_Doolittle > “For all species of animal who unlike us cannot speak for themselves”

CAMPAIGN SCHEDULE > February | ELEPHANT | DOG | March | ILI PIKA | CAT | April | BEAR | TIGER | May | WHALE | LEMUR | June | GUINEA PIG | GIRAFFE | July | WOLF | HORSE | August | LION | FROG/TOAD | September | 10 ANIMALS RECOVERING | PANGOLIN | October | FOX | SHARK | November | SWAN | HEDGEHOG | December | ORANGUTAN | REINDEER | January 2020 | PIG | RABBIT

*Let’s join_up_and_gently_change_HEARTS_and_MINDS*

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