A MASTERCLASS in Energy and Orgone: DANIEL WHITTAKER of S.E.T > Synergistic Energy Therapy

Born and raised in London, Daniel has always been able to see Auras and Universal Energy. His ability first came to light when he was 3 years old. He looked at his father and said, “Dad, why are you yellow?” Dad replied, “I’m not yellow, I’m, black!” The infant Daniel proceeded to tell his dad where he was yellow while motioning to the areas around his head. He realised his son was seeing his aura. We’ll let Daniel tell you the rest of his story in his own words.

Daniel Whittaker, S.E.T

Later in life, especially on hot days, when looking up into the sky I became aware of these tiny specks of dancing light. Little globules of light moving independently of each other. These little specks of light were always more present during the summer, and less so during the colder months. I later learned that what I was observing was “orgone energy” or Universal Energy. And it was everywhere! 

Later in life the visions increased, and my observations became more detailed. I was able to see when words didn’t match the emotion being expressed by certain individuals. My sensitivity to this phenomenon was developing. In my mid 20’s I took up life coaching and became well versed in mental techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Neuro Linguistic Programming. I started to become aware of the fact that not only can I see the energy field, I can also feel it. I can feel the subtleties that each change in this energy field exhibits. I became aware that by playing with this field and moving my hand around began to restore the field. My hands would warm up and the energy field would correct itself. 

Those experiences were the foundations of Synergistic Energy Therapy and are responsible for what I have created here. It is constantly evolving as I delve deeper into myself and reveal more and more of what Im actually capable of. So this is where I give back. I’ve learned that this is how I help to improve our existence, that this is my service to humanity. 

In this, 5 minute must-watch video Daniel explains ‘Everything is Energy”

Here’s what Daniel’s clients have to say about their treatments at S.E.T:

“In the holistic therapy world I find it rare to find intuitive therapists who can tune into energy whilst being very grounded and self aware themselves. Daniel performed a very thorough treatment and his feed back was accurate and insightful. I was left feeling happier than when I first walked in, peaceful and like someone had connected all the dots. I would definitely recommend.”
Rachel P.

“Daniel is so, so gifted. We were strangers, but he knew me, just from carrying out the treatment. No words, just energy. I was amazed. He is doing a brilliant job of helping others. This is obviously his calling and it shows magnificently. It’s so lovely to see, and experience. Everybody coming into contact with him will leave better than when they arrived.”
Natalie M.

S.E.T treatments include:

  • Usui Reiki Healing
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Full Spectrum Healing

Training and courses include:

  • Usui Reiki Training
  • Reiki Refresher Courses
  • Chakra Psychology Workshops
  • Spiritual Development Workshops (coming soon)

For more information about Daniel, S.E.T, its treatments and courses visit the website right here @ Synergistic Energy Therapyand on Facebook

Next Week > ORGONITE!

We will be back next week on the_Blog with Daniel as he takes us into the awe inspiring world of ORGONITE. He says his hand-made creations are ‘still in the development stage’ but those that are attracted to them and buy them seem to have a different view (they love them) and so do we. Follow this blog as we follow Daniel Whittaker and his beautiful Orgonite work.

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