With a four and a half octave vocal range and a magic touch for music we proudly feature: TEE GREEN

SINGERS WITH A FOUR OCTAVE RANGE INCLUDE > Marvin Gaye, Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Jeff Buckley, Kate Bush, Barry Gibb, Ariana Grande, Freddy Mercury, Vesta Williams, Bobby McFerrin, Cindi Lauper, Demi Lovato, Jill Scott, Roy Orbison, Yma Sumac, Paul McCartney, Tamar Braxton, Christina Aguilera, Miles Kennedy and UK Vocal Coach, Singer, Songwriter and Music Arranger TEE GREEN

Regarded globally as one of the finest vocalists in the music industry, his portfolio of work spanning thirty years is more than impressive, it’s epic. Tee Green’s vocal range of four and a half octaves can be heard on more that one hundred and thirty albums worldwide that represent over 170 million record sales.

Multi-talented > Highly respected not just for his incredible voice and range but also as a vocal coach, vocal and music arranger, backing vocalist, songwriter and performer.

Multi-passionate > A loyal friend and supporter of charities, fierce and vocal advocate of animal rights and welfare with a passion for living by the sea, Tee Green is not only multi-talented and passionate – he’s a general, overall, awesome human being.

Musical Magician > Tee has backed more successful singers than there’s room for in this particular article on the_Blog but they include the likes of Kylie Minogue, East 17, Lighthouse Family, Lulu and Will Young to mention just a handful. He has wielded his secret magic formula for acts that include Blue, Westlife, Lighthouse Family and Alexander O’Neal. There is no real secret to his sorcery, the answer is obvious – he’s simply a natural born genius of a musical wizard. Harmonious melody and songs in the key of life are coded into his DNA.

Humble and Brilliant > I told Tee once that I’d love to hear him sing ‘Joy and Pain’ by Maze. Turned out to be a mutually favourite song and the late Frankie Beverly a musical hero to us both. I can’t remember his exact words but it was something along the lines of “I’d be afraid that I couldn’t do it justice.” Humble as well as brilliant. It didn’t surprise me that he was so respectful (he’s a genuinely nice guy) but I was a bit taken aback to hear it from someone who is such a fantastic singer himself. I’ve heard a lot of singing. Living for ten years with an ex-musician and songwriter turned record producer, I had to listen to a lot of singers. On repeat. Often requiring a masterful use of auto-tune. Sometimes it was hell. People with voices like Frankie Beverly, Marvin Gaye, Whitney and Tee Green take the listener to variations of heaven. Much more my cup of tea.

Change-maker > Tee’s most recent published song resonates with WHOLE_istic Media’s whole vibe, brand values and philosophical perspective. Its melody and production have wide audience appeal. It’s easy listening on the ear whatever your personal favourite musical genre may be. He uses his powerful voice subtlety through most of the song allowing the message to shine through. We LOVE his message. Anyone familiar with the_Blog and its social media support group knows we’re on a mission to support and promote change-makers and game-changers. People that understand that the best way to change the world is by ‘being the change’ and starting with themselves. We love people that add to the motion in the global ocean of life. We particularly love this song from Tee Green called ‘Everything Must Change.’

Beautiful song, beautiful video, beautiful voice. ‘Everything Must Change’ Tee Green

*Let’s join_up_to_make_and_support_STARS*

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4 Replies to “With a four and a half octave vocal range and a magic touch for music we proudly feature: TEE GREEN”

  1. Tee has been a joy to work with and we have a huge mutual respect from all our endevours together sadly not enough as we both live in different parts of the world.His vocal prowess is unique and his taste impeccable..Love this man !!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This Guy has serious vocal range.. Very talented man.. Indeed… Gifted In so many aspects of music.. His high octave ability IS 2nd to none.. I first became aware of him whist he was featured on a live concert backing Brian Harvey of E 17 also a phenomenal vocalist 🙂👍


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