TITANS of Inspiration: ANDY GRANT on Goal Setting and Switching Lanes

The world’s fastest single-leg amputee over 10K this man is living proof that outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens. Period.

Andy Grant has lived a life of outrunning challenges. At seventeen he joined the Royal Marines. On a routine foot patrol, he suffered twenty-seven separate injuries and lost a leg in a bomb blast in Afghanistan. At age twenty-one, he had to come back home to the UK, learn to walk again and find a way to rebuild the rest of his life.

It didn’t take him too long before he set his sights on winning. By age twenty-eight he’d learned to ski, surf, skydive, won two gold medals and a bronze at the Invictus Games for injured servicemen and women in London in 2014. He’s someone who’s learned to overcome setbacks, knowing when to quit and realise when you might need to adjust your goal settings and switch lanes.

He’s living, breathing proof that outside our comfort zone is where the magic happens. Andy Grant’s life may not have gone the way he’d planned as a teenager with great aspirations, goals and ambitions. To be a Royal Marines was his dream job and he got it but then his world was literally blown apart. Since then he’s put himself back together. Got back on his feet and ‘ran’ like hell towards his new dreams by slowly chipping away with small goals. He believes that you may find it’s those small everyday achievements that seem insignificant that are the ones that can bring the most joy. Take three minutes to listen to this Titan Of Inspiration.

In 2016 Andy won the Liverpool Echo Outstanding Achievement Award and In 2017 was the subject of a documentary called Paragon aired on ITV

He said: “Getting the ECHO award was a big surprise and a big honour – it was an amazing night. Now I’m hoping the story of the last year – as told in the film – will help other people achieve things, whether it’s losing a bit of weight or whatever. You don’t have to have been to Afghanistan and had a leg blown off to achieve things!”

Andy Grant

Andy’s book ‘You’ll Never Walk’ is available to buy via his Facebook page and here on Amazon. We’ll be featuring this in our ongoing book series as soon as it’s read. Ed is much looking forward to scheduling it in as important research and to read Andy’s story in his own words.

Andy Grant has achieved much more than this humble blog refers to. He’s one of our favourite modern-day heroes here at HQ. Hero doesn’t really fit. It’s bigger. This Titan Of Inspiration is a very special kind of person. A teacher by default for everyone who needs someone to point the way towards the realisation of our full potential as human beings. Someone who via direct experience and his own achievements can show us the way.

You can follow Andy on his Facebook page here.

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