AETHER is an essay from 2018 by Marcia Ramalho and a ‘go to’ for most researchers in the field of alternate history, the Tartarian Empire and Antiquitech

The second edition published in September 2020 includes six new chapters and contains more than 1000 images. It’s a long read but if you’ve never seen it you may be surprised at how fast time can fly in two and a half hours.

Marcia Ramalho specifies no mirroring or broadcasting of any kind and is protective of her copyright so with respect to that, below is the video description in her own words to help you discern whether you’d like to watch it. We give it 5 stars for content but slow readers may find they have to pause screens often to read and digest the text. It’s all text based (no narration) there are some typos but it doesn’t impact on the ability to understand or the quality of the research and information.

YouTube Channel The Blue: AETHER by Marcia Ramalho

“The new edition of my Aether 2018 video presents its original content as well as exploring for the first time the technology related to electromagnetic field, ions, fusion reactor, resonator, capacitor, frequencies, sound waves, tuned circuits, torus, tokamak, vortex and coils used in the construction of star fortresses, airships, stargates, teleportation, and White Star Cities by the steam-powered civilization that I call our Previous Civilization or White Federation. A confederation of states destroyed by plasma weapons and floods carefully engineered by the Parasites.

My text addresses our cutting edge technology, advanced architecture and lost White Star Cities. The video features more than 1000 images. The original chapters, starting by Berlin Zoo, are kept as they were in my 2018 edition.

The first edition of my Aether video reached 245,000 views in its short career, starting a frantic race of Western youtubers to present videos on the same subject. Words like aether, Tartaria, star fortresses, ‘healing pipe organs sound’, power stations, freeenergy, antennas, or ‘glorious architecture’ instantly became recurrent talk on their newly created channels. A number of Facebook groups have also emerged. Suddenly everyone began looking at the architecture of their cities, realising that the magnificent structures could have been built long ago by a far more Advanced Civilization – known by many as Great Tartaria.

Music by Rodrigo Ramalho. Please, set HD quality to enjoy the images. Copyright © Marcia Ramalho, The Blue 2018, 2020 All rights reserved. No ‘mirror’, reading, copy or any other kind of adaptation to my original work is authorized. Any infringement will be reported. This material may not be published, broadcast, read, rewritten or redistributed, in whole or part, without express written permission from the author. All images are courtesy from Wikimedia Commons and credits were given in each image to their authors. The video thumbnail is a water drop by José Manuel Suárez.”

The Blue YouTube Channel

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