World Thinking Day 2020: Girl Scouts and Guides > Celebrating Diversity, Brother / Sisterhood to shine a light in the darkness for all beings and the planet

Lord Powell’s birthday is on the 22nd February and every year Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Scouts celebrate World Thinking Day. “… We are what we think” Buddha

World Association of girl guides and girl scouts

Arms around the world for Diversity and Brother / Sisterhood>

Girl Guides and Scouts were born in 1909 when girls demanded the same opportunities and experiences as those provided by the Boy Scout Movement.

“We are the world’s only movement for every girl and any girl because we believe that each of them deserves to be the best they can be. We represent ten million girls in 150 countries.”

The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts
World Thinking Day is on 22nd February

World Thinking Day traditions around the globe >

In Auckland, New Zealand, girl scouts and girl guides climb Mount Eden. At the summit they thank their peers as they wave the Guide World Flag and sing their World song.

In other parts of the world, Girl scouts from different nations meet up to celebrate, express gratitude and take pledges to continue to support and assist their communities.

The lighting of a candle in a window by an ex-girl scout signifies a guiding light in the darkness to transform problems into solutions.

Girl Guide World Thinking Day Themes >

The World Association for Girl Guides and Scouts adopt themes for the day. These themes are discussed in conferences with lively debates and ideas to help solve global problems.

Themes have included >

Think About Food

We can Save our Planet

Do something about adolescent health issues

Discover your potential

Think about water

Stop the spread of diseases

Together we can end poverty

Empowering girls will change the world

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