From out of the Darkness and into the Light emerges a remarkable book by a new author > THE HUB by Joni Daniels is based on a true story

This inspirational human is a Writer | Survivor |Duran Duran and Daniel Craig Lover | Bass Guitar player | Founder of The Strong Sisterhood and she has Guinea Pigs that go live on Facebook more often than she does | Joni Daniels is the author name of JULIE LIMB

Julie Limb loves going live on Facebook. The WHOLE_istic Media Coach has used her as a ‘Brand Icon to learn from’ with more than one client with confidence issues or technophobia. She’s a natural and regularly comes on when she feels like a chat, has some wise advice and to keep her friends and clients abreast of the fur babies. They eat better than most people I know and get more Facebook face-time than the successful new author herself. This blogger didn’t know she liked guinea pigs before she met Julie ‘virtually’ via social media. Who knew one would care less whether a stranger’s furry friends enjoyed their lettuce.

Whether you’re hellishly busy (or not), easily distracted online (or disciplined) once you’ve seen one ‘live’ you can’t help yourself from clicking on it when the ghostly box appears in the corner of your screen that says ‘Julie Limb is Live.’ Her personal life story thus far is heartbreaking while at the same time uplifting, empowering and inspirational. She’s a true survivor. For someone who has spent a great deal of time in the darkness to emerge and spark so much Joy is life-affirming, heartwarming and nothing short of miraculous.

Julie Limb AKA Joni Daniels with her beloved husband Nige at a recent book signing

Following a terrible accident and her husband not expected to make it, Julie was sectioned and abused. Thanks to an advocate she managed to get herself out of a dark and disturbing situation and set about a long and hard road to recovery. Her beloved ‘Nige’ survived but suffered an acquired brain injury which is likely to remain a work in progress of recovery for him in the foreseeable future. He is now visually impaired which is a major problem in his life and he struggles daily to overcome the challenges it brings. They are an incredible team.

Despite her extraordinary tests and personal challenges she is strong, grateful and multi-passionate. Constantly busy new author Limb is a dedicated wife, best friend, mother, grandmother, volunteer, Zumba enthusiast, works part-time while simultaneously running a team with her own clean eating programme and … is a holistic therapist with a rainbow treatment room. Oh, and she also has a passion for helping people. Julie and Nige are regularly out in the evenings offering some kind of support to someone. This blogger feels tired just typing up what Julie manages to achieve in one day.

“That moment when you get a phone call asking if you’re the lady that helps people. Yes. Yes I am 💜 It’s my purpose on this earth.”

Facebook post from Julie Limb’s profile this week

THE HUB by JONI DANIELS > Julie is already working on a sequel and has been talking with interested parties about a film. We wish her every success with all she creates.

BOOK SUMMARY > Kate has been training for this moment. She loves her horse, Ebony, and the long, wonderful rides they go on together. She also loves racing. She and Ebony are signed up to race in the Psamathe – or Sand Race, as it is called by the locals. The first moments of the race are exhilarating, but a terrible accident occurs on the track. Kate is thrown over Ebony’s head and lands on the hard ground. The head trauma is severe, and Kate lapses into a coma. Her family holds out hope, but it is still a surprise to them when Kate wakes up and makes tremendous progress.

Unfortunately, Kate may have healed physically from the injury, but she hasn’t healed mentally. After several manic breakdowns, she is booked into a psychiatric hospital nicknamed “the Hub.” There, Kate battles not only her own mental challenges but also the abusive staff who use their power to get away with cruelty. Author Joni Daniels intends for The Hub to be experienced in a variety of ways. She includes playlists for each part and believes that the combination of sound and story can create an even more meaningful experience for readers.



Joni Daniels AKA Julie Limb Loves Duran Duran. We suspect they probably love her right back. We do. The Woman’s a legend in her own lifetime.

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  1. Julie Limb, I too, had a darkness in my soul which led me through the gates of hell and back for 20 years. l, miraculously, through a power greater than me, have a fully restored heart & mind today. I can’t wait to read your book!

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