The Poet’s Chair: ‘In Between’ by Gabriel Szczurek

Our regular feature ‘the poet’s chair’ shines a light on unpublished poets, spoken word performers and creative writers who weave rhythms of life. GABRIEL SZCZUREK is back by popular demand.

‘IN BETWEEN’ by Gabriel Szczurek

And the stories are told
throughout the ages of time
all about a battle
between darkness and the light
but the battle is fought
only in the minds of man
who for some reason
still cannot understand

I once saw a bird
and as i watched it fly
i knew it never asked
or ever wondered why
like a tiger that kills
only enough to survive
if it took more than it’s share
all else would die

i once had a dream
and it was so real
it certainly changed
how i think and i feel
in my dream
i saw a sight
i saw an angel in red
and a devil in white
oh what a sight
such an unusual sight
as they walked hand in hand
in between the darkness and the light

This is the wrong kind of madness
and the wrong kind of sadness
and the wrong kind of tears
you have been shedding for years
this is the wrong kind of lover
always searching for others
and the wrong kind of laughter
that leaves you wondering after
like some kind of song
you just can’t sing along

© Gabriel Szczurek 2018

Gabriel Szczurek lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia

Gabriel has just recently come online and outed himself as a talented poet on Facebook. To support him and read excerpts of other writings go here.

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