The Poet’s Chair: ‘She’s Love’ by Gabriel Szczurek

Our regular feature ‘the poet’s chair’ shines a light on unpublished poets, spoken word performers and creative writers who weave rhythms of life.

‘SHE’S LOVE’ by Gabriel Szczurek

She love’s in
Passionate displays
Can you see
Her emotions
And colors
That taste
In textures
Of flowers
And nectar

Like the desire
In hummingbird wings
In her spirit
She may bring
Turtles and Avatars
In her night’s stars
In secret dens
Doors through knowledge
Nature slightly bends
In presents of
Diamonds and gems
But the light in her eyes
You forget about them

She has ember
From the sun
But you cannot
Find in reason
How she soothes
Healing your wounds
Like a rose
Out of season

And in time
You may know
She may show
In solitude
Where she goes
In a sacred place
She tends to her soul
And should she
Invite you in
Lovingly in a sigh
When the timeless dance
Really begins by

© Gabriel Szczurek 2018

Gabriel Szczurek lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia

Gabriel has just recently come online and outed himself as a talented poet on Facebook. To support him and read excerpts of other writings go here.

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