SALUTE: New Media Focus > HUGO TALKS and won’t stop fending off censorship and fighting for our right to freedom of speech, Truth + Transparency

We may have had a channel or two sunk in the seemingly endless battles of the ongoing campaign of Infowars but it will never stop us picking ourselves up and re-joining the fray by supporting fellow tribes in winning the war. In ONE_ness we are Limitless.

Uploaded June 2nd – For everything HUGO go to

Consistent daily content by HUGO TALKS is accessible across all channels. To keep up to date with ‘whassup’ on the daily agenda, presented as digestible short reports we check-in ourselves with HUGO like clockwork. Subscribe to their main website for daily summaries and you’re all set. It’s a potential miracle that HUGO is still uploading to Youtube – due to bans, strikes and alleged community guideline breaches (like questioning the narrative with evidence-based reporting) they now have two backup channels. If Youtube is your main news source subscribe to Hugo Talks, Hugo Talks Some More and the latest Hugo Talks Some More Yet Again. For all other channels, keep scrolling.


Having received my ‘DISOBEY’ tee by JON LEVI using ‘Spring’ only last week (arrived quick and great quality) I checked out HUGO’s merchandise range that uses the same company. Not surprisingly HUGO TALKS have put their truther heart on their sleeves (and elsewhere) with some brilliant clobber and accessories. This is my pick of the activist merch for this blog, especially for G7. Available in seven colours and the white one has a size ranging from small up to 5XL. It’s too easy to love HUGO …


HUGO TALKS > Join the conversation

NEW MERCH @ https://my-store-11735281.creator-spr…









In ONE_ness we are Limitless. In Love, Peace and Unity we are unstoppable. Keep the collective vibration HIGH and remember. Love WINS!

WHOLE_istic Media Tribe

Thanks for joining us, we’ll sign off with HOW CAN WE EASE THE PAIN by Maxi Priest. Until next time, keep your vibration high for the good of all and know #TheLoveIsREAL

WHOLE_istic Media the_Blog – Less artificial, more intelligent. A place where information, education and creative ideas flow with ease.

We were de-platformed by Facebook (twice) and currently stay off Mainstream Media except Youtube and Twitter. We’re on thin ice with Youtube and had thousands of subscribers removed and videos deleted. Until after globalist reset please feel free to contact us using the link on our website HERE and we’ll email you back so you can join in on our new Social Media pages and groups as we go online in the brave new world of freedom of speech and no censorship. In the meantime we are currently on:

Youtube MeWe

Mixcloud Twitter

We will be fully uploaded with our alternative video channels including a return to all genres and topics on Bitchute and Brandnewtube soon. WHOLE_istic Media and it’s new sister channel Science of Nature are non-profit, ad-free and un_monetised. Your support in sharing and subscribing is deeply appreciated.

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