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When we witnessed so-called educated black westerners calling all Africans SCAMMERS on Facebook we were shocked. Had ‘Mainstream Media Mind Worms’ burrowed into the West so deep that rational minds had been washed of all common sense? To presume EVERY African online is a thief is nonsense. So we decided to prove it with EMMANUEL

“This is EMMANUEL new blogger on WHOLE_istic – we met on Facebook of all places during the time of ‘Q.’ When this young man discovered that the wider world was concerned for Africa he researched, did his homework and joined us.”

WHOLE_istic AGAPE United Team

Emmanuel is a young man we met on Facebook. We liked him immediately. Intelligent, open-minded, warm-hearted with a great sense of humour. When we realised he’d had to give up his dream to be a footballer because of poverty we were surprised. We assumed that Ghana was a vibrant country in Western Africa due to our own cognitive dissonance, lack of research and good old fashioned ignorance. Thanks to our new friend EMMANUEL we are now much better informed. He trusted us, so we are now going to put all our trust and faith in him. Publishing his first short introduction and Blog ever we proudly introduce the new WHOLE_istic Media contributor EMMANUEL. Kick off begins tomorrow as we embark on our own BEAUTIFUL GAME … #AGAPEunited … AFRICA here we come!

It’s estimated that *526,710,313 internet users are in Africa. *212,911,701 users on Facebook as of September 2020. It’s impossible that 100% of these individuals are scammers. This LIE perpetrated by MSM has turned black Africans living in the UK and USA racist against their own race. What the hell is wrong with people?

WHOLE_istic Media > Source: *Internet World stats
Photo by Omotayo Tajudeen on Pexels.com

WHOLE_istic Media Awareness Campaign #AGAPEunited VIDEO

NEW upload *WHOLE_istic AFRICA* AGAPE United * JAZZ not JAZZ ‘DAV RISEN’ * HH+DOG Podcast* Our 3 x track play: AFRICAN Proverbs > EMMANUEL WHOLE_istic Media Ghana > DAV RISEN ‘God Got This’ with the NANI EXPERIENCE, South Africa > Humble Human + DOG Podcast trailer: HH+DOG will be one of three podcasts regularly having chats with EMMAMUEL. Subscribe to this blog for updates.

Join us on Youtube AND ‘BNT’ brandnewtube COMING very SOON!

FACTS about AFRICA > There are 54 Countries in Africa:

There are 54 countries in Africa today, according to the United Nations. The full list is shown in the table below, with current population and subregion (based on the United Nations official statistics).

Not included in this total of “countries” and listed separately are: Dependencies (or dependent territories, dependent areas) or Areas of Special Sovereignty (autonomous territories)

1Nigeria206,139,589Western Africa
2Ethiopia114,963,588Eastern Africa
3Egypt102,334,404Northern Africa
4DR Congo89,561,403Middle Africa
5Tanzania59,734,218Eastern Africa
6South Africa59,308,690Southern Africa
7Kenya53,771,296Eastern Africa
8Uganda45,741,007Eastern Africa
9Algeria43,851,044Northern Africa
10Sudan43,849,260Northern Africa
11Morocco36,910,560Northern Africa
12Angola32,866,272Middle Africa
13Mozambique31,255,435Eastern Africa
14Ghana31,072,940Western Africa
15Madagascar27,691,018Eastern Africa
16Cameroon26,545,863Middle Africa
17Côte d’Ivoire26,378,274Western Africa
18Niger24,206,644Western Africa
19Burkina Faso20,903,273Western Africa
20Mali20,250,833Western Africa
21Malawi19,129,952Eastern Africa
22Zambia18,383,955Eastern Africa
23Senegal16,743,927Western Africa
24Chad16,425,864Middle Africa
25Somalia15,893,222Eastern Africa
26Zimbabwe14,862,924Eastern Africa
27Guinea13,132,795Western Africa
28Rwanda12,952,218Eastern Africa
29Benin12,123,200Western Africa
30Burundi11,890,784Eastern Africa
31Tunisia11,818,619Northern Africa
32South Sudan11,193,725Eastern Africa
33Togo8,278,724Western Africa
34Sierra Leone7,976,983Western Africa
35Libya6,871,292Northern Africa
36Congo5,518,087Middle Africa
37Liberia5,057,681Western Africa
38Central African Republic4,829,767Middle Africa
39Mauritania4,649,658Western Africa
40Eritrea3,546,421Eastern Africa
41Namibia2,540,905Southern Africa
42Gambia2,416,668Western Africa
43Botswana2,351,627Southern Africa
44Gabon2,225,734Middle Africa
45Lesotho2,142,249Southern Africa
46Guinea-Bissau1,968,001Western Africa
47Equatorial Guinea1,402,985Middle Africa
48Mauritius1,271,768Eastern Africa
49Eswatini1,160,164Southern Africa
50Djibouti988,000Eastern Africa
51Comoros869,601Eastern Africa
52Cabo Verde555,987Western Africa
53Sao Tome & Principe219,159Middle Africa
54Seychelles98,347Eastern Africa

Dependencies or other territories

Dependency of
2Western Sahara597,339(disputed)
4Saint Helena6,077U.K.
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Maybe Father Christmas could get us out of Facebook Jail?

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